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MTV World Stage 2014 - Malaysia #WorldStageMY

Weekend ended too fast! Just so bloody fast! I can't accept how fast it just went by! Okay enough of being emotional.

Hey! Have you guys heard of Dayre? Any of you? I'm guessing either not or you have but you're not on it. Dayre is kinda cool actually. Here follow me here! : ADLEXUS psssstt even Calvin Junichiro is on it! The blogger with that yellow daisy as a profile picture?

Anyway I'm supposed to blog about my trip to Penang but maybe I'll put that on hold for awhile. Too lazy to blog about it.

So, I attended MTV World Stage 2014 here in KL! It's my first time actually. Honestly, it wasn't that bad and it was a great way to spend my Saturday evening/night. Attended with a few buddies they were just awesome as usual. The crowd was good as well lots of pretty girls and guys, but isn't as exciting as FMFA! FMFA was just like a beach in the city scene with some many, well you know interesting people around *wink wink*.

The line up for this year's Wo…

Oh my

Oh my. My blog have been neglected for so long! Fret not! I'm actually working on the draft for my next post!

So many things have happened within the last two weeks and like that saying goes 'when shit happens, shit happens'. Yeah.

Till then! Stay tune! Maybe follow my Instagram first. Lol.

Carnarvon House #Penang

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua! So fast it's Raya and it's going to be August as well. Gosh!

Anyway, over the weekend I was away from the hectic KL life for a road trip and guess where did I actually planned to visit? Well maybe you guessed it right. I went to Penang! The last time I was in Penang was last year, September. It was good to visit the place again. After so long!

So, I won't be writing about my trip there, but was thinking I should write about the place I stayed for 2 nights while I was in Penang. It's just worth writing. Like honestly it is.

So I stayed at some comfy and lovely place. The place is called Carnarvon House. Why the name Carnarvon? I believe it's because the place is situated along Carnarvon lane thus the name came along. I think. Uh duh.

It is owned by two great guys known as Terry and Jamie (I'm not sure if there's any other partners involved though) who were formerly working and based in Singapore but after sometime t…