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October is coming soon! Have you completed 70% of your resolution for this year? I actually can't remember mine though.

I started blogging when I was asked by one of my college mate back in 2008 why didn't I blog? After that question I decided to start a blog and it was named Adlexus. Why the name Adlexus? Well I just wanted a nickname or more of just a name and nothing in particular. So only 2nd September 2008 I started this blog and my first post was on that very same date and day.

Throughout my 6 years of blogging, I've made tonnes of changes and certain part of my life is actually recorded in here although it may not be as interesting as others, this is my personally diary that I have shared with many since back in 2008 and for those who've been supportive, it has been great! Xoxo!

I do hope to continue blogging for many more years even-though no one bothers to read my blog anymore. Sounds so sad la!

Also my blog have been going through so many changes. Lets hope n…

I was out of town

This post has been long overdue. I was suppose to write about Penang after my previous trip but I didn't. So I had to make sure I did a post for my recent trip to Penang this time. It's just a simple one la.

So I drove to Penang with a bunch of my friends over the long weekend that was just before Malaysia Day. Before that, lets do a flash back. So what did you do over that weekend? Did you drink, got drunk, found a 'someone', fireworks blew across the sky and you slept the whole noon because you were too tired? Okay just ignore that I said that. Sound stupid. Stupidly anticing.

Anyway let me try to act like I was writing this during that time. I was in Penang again! Yeay! I think every since I had my new car I'm able to drive around and longer distance. So I guest that's the reason why I was in Penang over that weekend. Partially the reason la. Or is it?

Well the main reason why I was in Penang is because me and my friends made like a super last minute decisio…

Finding Dumbo

The blog title may seem weird but yea. Weird is good no? Anyway, it has been such a hectic week for me from last Monday until Sunday. Imagine working on a weekend meaning I've worked 7 days straight. Wow. Yes wow! But nevertheless I'm not complaining much because it is also good for me.

Oh yeah I visited the club again on Saturday night. It was a good one this time because I didn't just drink and got drunk but instead I took to the dance floor to distress myself. From a full hectic week of work, moving to the groove was great. Met friends of a friend which was good. New connections. The different walks of life.

Anyway not sure if you may notice, but if you've been reading my blog for sometime, you might have notice I hardly or rarely talk much about my relationship stuff or what I do so on and so fort anymore about my other part of my life. Why? Well I think certain things are meant to be shared while some I rather just keep it and share it on a personal level with tho…

Penang vs KL

It's back to work tomorrow after a long weekend. I would say it was a good weekend although nothing much planned or happened. How was your Merdeka weekend?

Remember previously I made a road trip to Penang? I was supposed to blog about it but nah, its too late! Haha. Anyway, so one of the things I did when I was in Penang was of course to find a good hangout place there at night, you know for drinks and stuff. As we all know, there isn't much club which is particularly rainbow friendly but there is this one bar which is pretty nice and the crowd is great too.

Have you heard of Seventy7? They used to be situated across where they are now but have since moved to a slightly bigger venue and with more space. It was my second time there and honestly, I do like that place. Not just the place but the atmosphere and the people there. I had a couple of drinks there (not a couple but 1 bottle of white wine and extra 3 glasses of it) chatted and laugh but it didn't felt like we (me an…