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Finding Dumbo

The blog title may seem weird but yea. Weird is good no? Anyway, it has been such a hectic week for me from last Monday until Sunday. Imagine working on a weekend meaning I've worked 7 days straight. Wow. Yes wow! But nevertheless I'm not complaining much because it is also good for me.

Oh yeah I visited the club again on Saturday night. It was a good one this time because I didn't just drink and got drunk but instead I took to the dance floor to distress myself. From a full hectic week of work, moving to the groove was great. Met friends of a friend which was good. New connections. The different walks of life.

Anyway not sure if you may notice, but if you've been reading my blog for sometime, you might have notice I hardly or rarely talk much about my relationship stuff or what I do so on and so fort anymore about my other part of my life. Why? Well I think certain things are meant to be shared while some I rather just keep it and share it on a personal level with those who are close to me and I can relate too. It's not like I'm saying I don't love writing those stuff here but I just feel maybe I shouldn't. But I will write sometimes if I feel like it. I wouldn't want folks going all judgy about me on what I write here and see me as a different kind of person than who I am in terms of relationship stuff la.

So some history (it's in the past so why hover over it right) on my love hate relationships I've had in the past.

I've only had 3 serious relationship in my 26 years being on this planet. There was those on and off so called relationships/LDR and stuff but nothing really materialise from those so its not worth mentioning here.

Back to the topic of discussion, out of those 3 I've had in the past, only 2 of those relationship I am truly really happy being in it while the first one is not even worth elaborating in here. Why? Because it just isn't worth it. Things that was said, actions that was made just leaves a mark forever and honestly, I've rarely hated an individual but for that particular person, I just do. It's bad to keep hatred part of yourself, but I can't help it. Ever since the split, I've never contacted or bothered to keep in touch at all even though attempts to do so was made by the other party. Friends have asked and encouraged me to speak to that individual but nah I'll just give it a pass. Isn't worth my time and effort as I do know, I'll never forgive what was done.

The 2nd story. It was a short but sweet one I must say. Everything was easy going and everything was smooth until one day I realise maybe it was just me being too into it while the other party isn't really. So I just decided to pull the plug which actually was the right move. Good thing is we do still keep in touch and we are friends. Still share the same interest at times.

3rd time's the charm that's what they may say. Unfortunately it wasn't if I may say. Seriously speaking, there are thoughts to this situation which I feel I shouldn't list them here as I just want to keep it personal. All in all, it was a lovely relationship I had and certainly so much sweetness till you could end up getting diabetes. As like the 2nd, this was slightly more complicated not on the other end's point but mine instead and going our separate ways was in my book. I just followed by the book.

So that is the mini short story I've just shared and it just seem to be pretty common and nothing extraordinary about it. I do have friends who come up to me and ask me "Hey Ad, don't you want to be in a relationship? Don't you feel lonely?" and etc. My answer to them is, YES, but I would rather have something which you can feel secure compared to something which is just so fragile.

Everything has to start somewhere so I'll just wait for a spark to start which may lead to a burning flame that will last for years to come.

How was your past relationship(s) and how is your current one? If you're single, fret not as the one is always somewhere in that thick bush on a secluded island.


  1. Can you be my bf? Kiddin'! Hehe. No, seriously, can we, date? Haha!
    I've never had relationships in my 28 years of life simply because I was always the one getting rejected. So, I don't know what's it really like to be in a relationship. Sometimes, I feel miserable but most of the time, I feel blessed that I don't have to go through what most couples go through i.e the arguments and disagreements. And I keep telling myself, well at least I can save money.

    1. true that about saving money.

    2. ahahahahahahaha.... you dont need a lot of money to sustain a relationship, both parties will need to kinda understand each other's situation and work things out de! :)

    3. Anonymous : Date? Well sure. Hahaha. But I guess it's the feel you get from being in one. I'm sure there's always the right one for everyone so that applies to you too!

      Zach & Tuls : Agree with Tuls. It takes both sides to sustain a relationship financially

  2. my bush i just trim edi so now no more wor, i dont see anyone jump out from it one, did i chop and kill them all?

    1. I think maybe you sprayed pesticides there that's why. Or you maybe have killed them off with your grass cutter. Haha

  3. tuls is horny and in need of a BJ. AD, be a dear and blow him will ya? Haha!

  4. I once had a ONS with you...


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