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I was out of town

This post has been long overdue. I was suppose to write about Penang after my previous trip but I didn't. So I had to make sure I did a post for my recent trip to Penang this time. It's just a simple one la.

So I drove to Penang with a bunch of my friends over the long weekend that was just before Malaysia Day. Before that, lets do a flash back. So what did you do over that weekend? Did you drink, got drunk, found a 'someone', fireworks blew across the sky and you slept the whole noon because you were too tired? Okay just ignore that I said that. Sound stupid. Stupidly anticing.

Anyway let me try to act like I was writing this during that time. I was in Penang again! Yeay! I think every since I had my new car I'm able to drive around and longer distance. So I guest that's the reason why I was in Penang over that weekend. Partially the reason la. Or is it?

Well the main reason why I was in Penang is because me and my friends made like a super last minute decision to just get out of the city for a few days and have some relaxing time out. The trip was great and it was certainly fun. Although I was kinda tired but still totally enjoyed it. Totally love it!

As usual, there was of course food involve throughout the 3 days and I think I grew fatter by a few cm. So in Penang we stayed at the same guest house which I did previously called Carnavon House and as always the  boss' there were just friendly and kind. They've actually buffed up their security there which is good. Plus they are making more changes which will certainly be great. It is surely a comfortable place to stay at.

I think apart from the food and lazing around during the trip, another fun and exciting part (not about other exciting stuff k *wink wink) was the drinking. Two nights in a row we were out for drinks in three different locations. Speaking about drinking, even last night we had another drinking session. Gosh, am I becoming like an alcoholic? I hope not. I'm scared to get drunk you know *wink wink*

So it was just a short trip but still worth it. What I liked the most is I got to drink! Of course with great people.

Bagel anyone??? It has whole in the middle of it which looks like........

Any upcoming trips people? Lets talk.


  1. Looks like an enjoyable trip to Penang :)

    1. It was! Hehe. Lots of stuff happened


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