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Penang vs KL

It's back to work tomorrow after a long weekend. I would say it was a good weekend although nothing much planned or happened. How was your Merdeka weekend?

Remember previously I made a road trip to Penang? I was supposed to blog about it but nah, its too late! Haha. Anyway, so one of the things I did when I was in Penang was of course to find a good hangout place there at night, you know for drinks and stuff. As we all know, there isn't much club which is particularly rainbow friendly but there is this one bar which is pretty nice and the crowd is great too.

Have you heard of Seventy7? They used to be situated across where they are now but have since moved to a slightly bigger venue and with more space. It was my second time there and honestly, I do like that place. Not just the place but the atmosphere and the people there. I had a couple of drinks there (not a couple but 1 bottle of white wine and extra 3 glasses of it) chatted and laugh but it didn't felt like we (me and my friend) were singled out. We even met and chatted with one of the boss' there (share partner I think) and he was just casual and a great guy. Plus, you can wear shorts and flip flops!

Why am I saying this? Well, so on Saturday night me and my friend decided to head down to one of the popular clubs in town. As always, I forgot my card and had to pay the entrance few.

Anyway, that aside, when we went in it felt like the crowd was being very judgy and we didn't get the same vibe like we had in Penang. I mean I've been countless times to that club and it always feels like everyone is always in packs like wolves staring you down and just wanting to bite your head off. If they bite something else it wouldn't be that bad would it? *wink wink. Well it can be in a good way but still it feels not so good.

Do you guys get that kind of feel when you're there? Oh yea, another things is, you don't get that sense of friendly-ness from the crowd which I believe isn't suppose to be that way? Must be culture. Maybe I'm like starting to have a different approach to night life scene in my life that's why. Coffee, cafes, bars are more of my thing now I guess instead of loud music, jumping like chimpanzees (I used to be like that...hahaha!), having to dress to kill. Is it because I'm getting old?

Back to the story, I just feel experiencing that night life in Penang and the night life in KL is just pretty different. Oh another thing is, everyone in Seventy7 practically knows each other compared to the club I went. Must be due to some geo-scape reason.

What and how is your night life scene?

This picture has totally no connection to this post at all. Right? I look fat!


  1. is Seventy the MP of Penang?

    1. Nope. It's a cafe/bar. Not a club in that sense :)

  2. youre such a bitch! youre fat then im dinasour! lol

    1. Haha! Dinosaurs aren't fat. They're just big & muscular. Haha

  3. oh honey, the only way to know if you're fat is if you drop those shorts and undies as well
    Only then can we tell if you're fat or not :-p

  4. That is one hot body you got there, OK? Haha...

  5. You're hot! Can I give you a BJ? :-p


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