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Let your personality dress you

So here I am sitting at Starbucks, The Gardens Mall doing my blog update. Trying to get inspiration but still nothing. Sipping my grande cup of Mocha which taste so different at every single outlet of Starbucks and honestly, this one isn't that great. Sorry to say that la.

I can't believe October is ending soon and November is like practically just around the corner. Plus, it's going to be a year of me being in my new job, how fast time goes by right? Not forgetting to mention how old I'm going to be too!

I'm currently down with a flu after a few days of not having proper rest. It just kills to be like this and I just hate flu because my nose would just keep on crying.  For God's sake, please take my flu away.

Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about. Let's talk about fashion. Rainbow fashion. You do know what I mean right? Fashion statement by our fellow 'rainbow' folks. As we all know, the community has always been stereotyped to have a pa…

Mariah Carey Live in Kuala Lumpur 2014

It's Saturday. Hurrayyy! I'm so glad it's Saturday cause tomorrow's Sunday. The weekend is here but still its gonna feel really short.

Have you heard of an awesome thing that happen this week? Well I guess it was all in the news and you should know it as well.

Mariah Carey was in KL on Wednesday! Actually she was down here like the day before and busy shopping around town but I'm talking about her concert! Being a fan of her, how can I miss out this great opportunity right? So when I heard that she was actually going to have a concert here, I immediately decided that I would need to get my hands on those tickets and I'm not going for the cheap one. Why? Hey you only get maybe, just maybe, once in a lifetime to hear and watch her sing live. It's not like she's going to be in KL on a monthly basis. Anyway, I manage to get the mid-tier tickets to catch her Elusive Chanteuse tour here and it cost me like freaking RM380 bucks not including handling fees.



After so long I'm blogging in the morning! Miracle I tell you! Actually nah. Just done my meeting and now having a drink at Starbucks (yea its Starbucks) while typing this out.

So, how often do you guys go out and catch a movie at the cinema? I've not been doing it for quite sometime and lately I just got back into the habit of it.

Anyway, I was booking my ticket via the GSC app (yes I love the GSC app because it is just so convenient to use and I don't need to queue up or even open my laptop to get my self a movie ticket) and there wasn't any single seat left apart from the twin seats (hence the title of this post). So I proceeded to buy it. But, watching the movie was me and my guy friend not a girl. What harm can it do right? I've been watching movies seating at the twin seats with many guy friends and it wasn't a big deal anyway. I even watched a movie with my sis in a twin seat.

The story was this. When we got into the cinema, beside us was two couples. On…

Stay in shape!

The weekend is here but it'll end pretty fast. WTH! I won't even enjoy it enough! I won't have a good massage nor get drunk on vodka! Anyways, working is good as it keeps my day filled with stuff.

As you know I've been trying hard to get back in shape like so hard! Honestly it's not easy at all like hell no. So I've been going back to my routine in my gym by doing regular cardio exercises and strength training. Apart from that I'm also doing kick-ass classes in gym.

There has been results but not much though. Wishing for more and hope I achieve faster results. With my recent lifestyle of eating after gym which is like 10pm, isn't helping at all!

But I decided to do something better to burn those fat faster! No it's not cardio in bed but instead I bought a package from Groupon for a month to join Muay Fit. Its a studio which teaches all sorts of martial arts and it is just so awesome. I think you should really give it a try like for real.

So here'…