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Let your personality dress you

So here I am sitting at Starbucks, The Gardens Mall doing my blog update. Trying to get inspiration but still nothing. Sipping my grande cup of Mocha which taste so different at every single outlet of Starbucks and honestly, this one isn't that great. Sorry to say that la.

I can't believe October is ending soon and November is like practically just around the corner. Plus, it's going to be a year of me being in my new job, how fast time goes by right? Not forgetting to mention how old I'm going to be too!

I'm currently down with a flu after a few days of not having proper rest. It just kills to be like this and I just hate flu because my nose would just keep on crying.  For God's sake, please take my flu away.

Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about. Let's talk about fashion. Rainbow fashion. You do know what I mean right? Fashion statement by our fellow 'rainbow' folks. As we all know, the community has always been stereotyped to have a particular fashion sense or taste and from a 100 miles distance, you can tell how that person is and whether he is a rainbow person or not. From head to toe you'll know it but those were the days when those who were the colourful folks would actually stand out from the black & community. These days, even the ruler straight folks dress like bend copper wire and honestly, you can't even tell the differences between them.

Bright colours, short shorts, leather strap sandals, neatly comb hair, perfectly carved eye brows were the significant trademarks of a you know who but now, it is no more and that's the past. Having all of this have actually became a norm among everyone (among guys la). When you're walking around town (mostly KL and Penang, of course other places there are too) you'll see them everywhere in this form and it is actually a good thing. Why? Because now everyone dresses nicely and perfectly! Not exactly perfect but presentable.

But having to dress like that and all means there is always the pressure to constantly look great and be on par with others. I do know some folks who would actually spend tonnes just to look like a trendy person or to be 'in trend' but honestly to me, it is all about dressing to your personality. Try giving me a simple white linen shirt, a pair of jeans short and sandals. I'll gladly wear them to Pavilion without much care. But if I was a superbly particular person, wearing all those to Pavilion would just affect my image and I can never be seen like that at such 'atas' place. Dressing should always match your personality and not because of environmental pressure you would push yourself to dress till you burst your pocket. But of course dressing for the occasion is also important and dressing appropriately is just as important. You would somehow want to ensure your image is also good and not tarnish by some silly mistake you've made.

People do question me on my choice of clothes somehow or someway but that hasn't stopped me from dressing how I want. I'm dressing not to impressed anyone but I'm dressing to make my self feel good and look good. If I like that shirt, I'll buy it and wear it. Do I care what others may think? Not really because I like it and I feel good in it. I believe you should always dress to compliment your personality but there are times when you would need to take note of how you dress la. You also wouldn't want to go out looking like a douchebag right? Having your own style is good and setting your own style sets you apart from others.

What's your style? Fully furnish or partially furnish?


  1. Depending on my mood and the number of clean clothes that I have... oops.. secret is out

    1. Hahaha! Actually the clean clothes part do apply to me as well 😁

  2. but dark skinned guys must never wear pink, especially in the is an eye sore!

  3. any shades of pink don't fit dark/black siknned guys. period!
    no racism, just being honest :-p
    but for the ladies, it don't matter what skin tone they are, pink will look good on them.


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