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Mariah Carey Live in Kuala Lumpur 2014

It's Saturday. Hurrayyy! I'm so glad it's Saturday cause tomorrow's Sunday. The weekend is here but still its gonna feel really short.

Have you heard of an awesome thing that happen this week? Well I guess it was all in the news and you should know it as well.

Mariah Carey was in KL on Wednesday! Actually she was down here like the day before and busy shopping around town but I'm talking about her concert! Being a fan of her, how can I miss out this great opportunity right? So when I heard that she was actually going to have a concert here, I immediately decided that I would need to get my hands on those tickets and I'm not going for the cheap one. Why? Hey you only get maybe, just maybe, once in a lifetime to hear and watch her sing live. It's not like she's going to be in KL on a monthly basis. Anyway, I manage to get the mid-tier tickets to catch her Elusive Chanteuse tour here and it cost me like freaking RM380 bucks not including handling fees.

Anyway, went to the concert with my mom and sis. Yes we just love her songs and her (only me actually).

Lets cut the story short.

So headed to Stadium Merdeka like 5pm and arrived around 6pm. Paid RM20 bucks for a parking spot just outside the stadium. Malaysians really do know how to make money huh. It's even more expensive than a freaking parking spot at Pavilion for 3 hours. Anyway, since the concert was supposed to begin at 8pm, we decided to head there earlier to avoid the jam and since its raining anything could happen.

So arrived there by 6pm roughly, got down, bought some burgers and drinks (again cut throat, a simple street side burger cost like RM5-6 bucks). Waited in line to enter the stadium with our bags of food and drinks until we were told "No outside food or drink allowed!". Gosh, what are we going to do with the burgers? Well, we just ate it that's all. Hahaha.

After awhile the rain stopped (yes it was raining the whole time) and umbrellas kept until we heard "No umbrellas allowed in the stadium!". Gosh fuck their lifes. Is it possible? So I had to walk back to my car, which wasn't that far la.

7.30pm! We were allowed to enter the stadium, finally! Found our seats and honestly, it was superbly spacious. I could just lay down and spread my legs. Throughout the whole concert, I was just moving from one side to the other sliding my butt around the bench. Oh yea, we actually sat on wooden bench for almost 3 hours. Butt numb.

At a proximity 9.15pm, Mariah appeared and so the story began!

It was raining throughout the whole concert that night but everyone was excited to see and hear her sing. So everything ended around 11pm and it was a good show. I think the highlight for me that night was when she sang Fly Like A Bird, Meteorite and We Belong Together. Due to the number of new songs she sang, not many in the crowd knew it. I could see it in their faces.

Although Mariah was awesome that night, the organiser was really bad. The sounds system was terrible and their people management of the crowd was just as bad. So much of confusion going on here and there. But anyway everyone enjoyed the night and Mariah closed of the show with Always Be My Baby.

What has been the best or most memorable concert you've attended?


  1. i thought she lost her voice edi wor...? so many youtube vids of mariah not hitting the notes and singing badly..
    best concert i ever attended? hmm..must be the battle of the bands concert held by my college many years ago. lol!

    1. She still has it that's for sure. :)

      Gosh you need to attend a concert. Haha


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