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The cut along the sides

My thigh is hurting like mad! Okay maybe not like mad but its hurting cause it's swollen for no reason. Maybe there's a reason which is something have bitten my thigh. Its on my left thigh, inner part near my crotch.

So during the weekend I went for my usual hair cut. Usually I would have my hair cut like once every two weeks but due to my superbly busy schedule (like la so busy right, but I honestly was cause I was practically working almost every Saturday and this Saturday I'm still working as well) I could not have it trimmed. Anyway it has been three weeks only I had the time to get it cut so I headed down to visit my usual stylist at Jantzen Mid Valley (if you do see me say Hi okay) named Sean (he's a nice guy and he's very detailed). As usual before my hair cut, I would get it washed and this time it was by a new fellow whom I've never seen before. When he started washing it was good but 10 seconds later it was a horror to have let him washed my hair. His…

What shape are you? *wink wink*

What a superbly hectic week I must say! I've got tonnes to settle and clear and yet I'm still pending on so many stuff to do!

So I was going through some magazine last few days (not any kinda sexually related magazine k) and there was this particular section which was talking about body shapes. Shapes such as what shape are you may it be apple, pineapple, watermelon and such. Nah I'm kidding. Hahaha.

It was actually talking about the type of body shape guys have and what is the ideal shape and stuff. Of course to me there isn't really any ideal shape but more of like a shape which suits you from head to toe. If you walk round town you'll notice there's all sorts of shapes and sizes of people out there which makes everyone unique in a way I would say. Of course there's also those gym shaped folks for example: Big upper body, skinny squisy lower body. Big lower body, lady like upper body. (for men).Not judging at all here.

I've always wondered what sort o…

Run run run as far as you can

I can't wait for December to come! I want to get out of the city for a while! Will be heading to Bangkok again and I'm just excited because I'm just in love with that city. The food! The shopping!

People have been asking me this one particular question and my answer to it has always been "I just don't like running but if you were to throw me in a place full of obstacles which needs strength and stamina challenging situations, I'll gladly go through it with all my might!". So the question is, "Why don't you join a marathon run?".

Frankly speaking, I don't fancy any marathon run. For some it's because of the thrill they get during and after the run but for me I don't see the fun in it at all. I mean running and in the end getting a medal is certainly nice and seems inspiring, but I just don't get it. Sorry I'm #justsaying this. Even in the gym I just hate running on treadmills. I would rather do jumping jacks for 20 minutes…

Music, Food & Drinks at Signature by the Hill @ The Roof

Working hard in the gym to achieve my goal by the end of 2014. Working hard to buy more stuff until I drop. Actually if only I could.

It was such a hectic week last week with so much to do but so little time. With all the busy-ness that hit me, I still did managed to have a chill out moment and some drinks as well. Although it was just a short moment like a couple of hours, it was still good. A little fun is better than no fun at all right?

Anyway, last Wednesday, with a few of my friends, we headed down to Signature by the HillThe Roof to attend one of their Live Music Series which features different daily scenes such as from jazz to funk. The best part of all this music performance is that it is all performed by local musicians who've made their mark somewhere and sometime.

Because it was a Wednesday, it was also ladies night there and as usual the ladies had free drinks and the guys, well, you got to pay. But I was lucky enough to be offered a drink as well, on the house that…

Halloween Malloween

Okay this is going to be so like a throwback. #ThrowbackThursday? How was your Halloween celebration or celebrations? Was it great? What were you? What did you do?

Mine wasn't exactly a Halloween nor a Malloween celebration but more of a 'so called Halloween' pool get together with lots of smoke and water. Why smoke and water? Well it was a barbecue session and it was by the pool (sorry no pool shots from me.. LOL) so that explains why there was smoke and water.

It was a great night though. There was lamb, beef, prawns (I don't eat prawns okay.. allergic to it), salad, bacon (heaven, after one bite it was like being high on weed), corn, mushrooms, chicken wings (how can you not have chicken wings right) and so much more. It took quite a while to actually cook everything and it did went on till quite late but it was all worth it. There was rum too!

Sausages (mini ones), bacon, steak, chicken wings, corn and so much more!
Chicken bones?
After a few rounds of chicken wing…