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Halloween Malloween

Okay this is going to be so like a throwback. #ThrowbackThursday? How was your Halloween celebration or celebrations? Was it great? What were you? What did you do?

Mine wasn't exactly a Halloween nor a Malloween celebration but more of a 'so called Halloween' pool get together with lots of smoke and water. Why smoke and water? Well it was a barbecue session and it was by the pool (sorry no pool shots from me.. LOL) so that explains why there was smoke and water.

It was a great night though. There was lamb, beef, prawns (I don't eat prawns okay.. allergic to it), salad, bacon (heaven, after one bite it was like being high on weed), corn, mushrooms, chicken wings (how can you not have chicken wings right) and so much more. It took quite a while to actually cook everything and it did went on till quite late but it was all worth it. There was rum too!
Sausages (mini ones), bacon, steak, chicken wings, corn and so much more!
Chicken bones?

After a few rounds of chicken wings and lamb, decided to take a dip in the pool. Although I still can't swim but it was for the sake of getting the chance to dip my self into the cold water. It was seriously cold because it was night. Yeah. Swimming at night by the pool. Don't get dirty thoughts please.

Anyway it was a great night of laughter and it was great having the chance to catch up with some of them. It has been sometime since we've met.

Denise seems so excited and Song, I'm just speechless with that action.

It wasn't a selfie stick but instead a tripod.

All trying to get a good shot.

Me failing as a wild rock star.

Being molested by some one's hands! Enwei looks dodgy. Haha.

Me myself just being calm.

How was your Halloween? But this year was pretty quiet no? Or what?


  1. Looks fun...
    I celebrated my Halloween in Bangkok- The city never sleeps...

  2. the guy in white sleevless T with a liquor bottle is cute...


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