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Music, Food & Drinks at Signature by the Hill @ The Roof

Working hard in the gym to achieve my goal by the end of 2014. Working hard to buy more stuff until I drop. Actually if only I could.

It was such a hectic week last week with so much to do but so little time. With all the busy-ness that hit me, I still did managed to have a chill out moment and some drinks as well. Although it was just a short moment like a couple of hours, it was still good. A little fun is better than no fun at all right?

Anyway, last Wednesday, with a few of my friends, we headed down to Signature by the HillThe Roof to attend one of their Live Music Series which features different daily scenes such as from jazz to funk. The best part of all this music performance is that it is all performed by local musicians who've made their mark somewhere and sometime.

Because it was a Wednesday, it was also ladies night there and as usual the ladies had free drinks and the guys, well, you got to pay. But I was lucky enough to be offered a drink as well, on the house that's for sure.

The food there isn't all that bad as well. I would say from 1 to 10, they ranked 5.5 (just being honest).

Some finger food for the night. Oysters with butter and cheese. Unique and quite special the taste.

Some snapshots of the night at Signature. Not all that glam though.

The glowing tree which changes colour. Kind of a weird location to have the tree smack right in the middle.

Kronenbourg throughout the night. Coolios!

Meet Joyce.

That's Sugarmouse!

I'm like the Prince Charming smack right in the middle with the ladies.

Not sure the name of the band but they are pretty good. 


  1. have you, like gotten tanned or something? you don't look as fair as you normally do. i prefer the fair you, so fuckalicious.

    1. Hahaha. I'm not sure if I've gotten tanned. Haven't visited the beach.


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