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What shape are you? *wink wink*

What a superbly hectic week I must say! I've got tonnes to settle and clear and yet I'm still pending on so many stuff to do!

So I was going through some magazine last few days (not any kinda sexually related magazine k) and there was this particular section which was talking about body shapes. Shapes such as what shape are you may it be apple, pineapple, watermelon and such. Nah I'm kidding. Hahaha.

It was actually talking about the type of body shape guys have and what is the ideal shape and stuff. Of course to me there isn't really any ideal shape but more of like a shape which suits you from head to toe. If you walk round town you'll notice there's all sorts of shapes and sizes of people out there which makes everyone unique in a way I would say. Of course there's also those gym shaped folks for example: Big upper body, skinny squisy lower body. Big lower body, lady like upper body. (for men).Not judging at all here.

I've always wondered what sort of body shape I do have and looking from the above I would say somewhat between athletic and lanky but minus those packs and including those additional fat I have.  Maybe I could be thin as well. But as usual been working hard in the gym to achieve the perfect body but I know it will never happen in a million years. The biggest problem I have I think its how fast my body changes like from fat to thin to loss of muscle and bla bla bla. Currently I'm in the state of shedding those fats off like seriously! But a proud achievement I must say it changing from being slightly overweight to thin at one point and now to where I am. 

Oh did I mention Bali is coming up in January? Got to look great cause they'll definitely be beach shots! If I do have a camera person to help me take it.

Do I look thin? I think I do look thin here. Maybe a bit more weight would be good or muscle I would say. I need to bulk up a bit more!

Any gym junkie out there? Some tips would be great! Anyway what body shape would you say you are suited for or aiming for or are? Hey no one is perfect and we all should be happy the way we look and just strive harder to look better if you want. I'm freaking striving to look better everyday.


  1. Obese lol. I mean me! Definitely have to work harder or going nude in the public onsen next February will be embarrassing! Not to mention the toll my current weight have on my joints!

    PS: You ain't thin. Thin is like, you see your chest ribs literally growing from your sternum that's thin.

    1. You're obese? Oh please. LOL. There's still time to get in shape. February is still a long way more to go =D

      Hahaha. I feel thin but sometimes I feel fat.I'm confused

  2. I think you have the potential to have an athlete's body. You still look good now, I'd fuck you in a heart beat.

    1. It's just so hard to have an athlete's body. The amount of time and training T__T.

    2. I like just the way you are now, like I said, I'd fuck you in a heart beat.


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