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Merry Christmas 2014!

*fuuhhhhh fuhhh fuhhhhh* Blowing the snow off my blog. It has been so long since I've updated till its covered with snow!

Oh my gosh! It's Christmas time again! How fast! 

Merry Christmas to all of you out there may it be filled with love and joy plus plenty of gifts! May you be showered with unlimited glitter and gold throughout this period!

It is a moderate Christmas for me this year and just like every other years as well. Not much hu-ha, keeping things simple and nice like how I always loved it to be.

Anyway, speaking of gifts, I would like to give 3 lucky individuals such as yourself a special gift. Okay its not something sensual so don't think any of that, instead something which I personally love and I feel maybe I should share it with you guys as well.

It's going to be pretty simple. All you need to do is answer this question:
"If Santa was right in front of you, what would you wish from him?"

Again, Merry Christmas to all of you! XOXO!

Winner to be announced on Saturday (27th Dec 2014).

ps - wonder will anybody join the contest? 


  1. If Santa were to be in front of me, I would just wish that he could make Malaysia back to where it belonged with high tolerance and zero bigotry; then Malaysia would be a better place for multi racial, cultural and even orientated society to live in.

    1. I wished the same but unfortunately it isn't going that direction :(

  2. I don't need Santa, I just want you sitting on my lap for X-mas :-p

    1. But Santa brings presents! ;p On your lap? Why... lol

  3. In a very 'unlogical' need, I want everything I planned for 2015 to go on smoothly without any problems, prolly with a new job too.

    But really, I want a tablet. Can ah?

    1. New job? Whyyyyy... tablet ar? Don't ask me.haha


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