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Merry Christmas 2015

Have you been naughty or nice? Did you make it to Santa's nice list this year? What was your wish list for this year?

Merry Christmas folks!

Adele on X Factor 2015

Louisa Johnson has won the X Factor 2015! Wooohooooo! Been following X Factor since Leona Lewis won it and it never failed to thrill me. Some how the British version is still much more exciting compared to the US version.

This year I've been rooting for Louisa since day 1 of her audition. She's just a star. Superb voice! Plus she's only 17 years old man.

Love her performance on the finals of X Factor. Can't deny she truly deserves to win it.

Owh. Adele performed as well during the finals! That new hair just looks superb on her too.

Adele - Hellooleh stefa73it

Randomly me

The weekend has ended, yet again. Why are the days passing so them fast lately? We're already in the second week of December and Christmas is just 11 days away. Went to Pavilion today since my last visit was in August 2015. The Christmas decoration there really suck this year. Guess their marketing budget was cut short?

Anyway just some random post from me today. Currently on the verge of being down with a flu. I had a cold on Saturday morning and it has been on and off for the past two days. Getting caught in the rain on Sunday didn't make it any better.
Be heading to Singapore this weekend and be back on Monday for a short vacay-vacay. Guess this would be my longest since the so called Penang trip which ended up abruptly. Haven't been down south for sometime and looking forward to seeing how the place is during Christmas since it's famed for it to be extensively decorated.
Been planning for next year's trip since winning a contest which offered me free credits to…

I guessed I've been good enough

It's December. Like literally December is here. I'm not dreaming but December is really here.

11 months has passed and so much has happen. Been reflecting back on what has come and gone, lets just say I've made many right and wrong decisions through that period. Do regret some of it? Yea I do but well, it is the past.

Till today sometimes I wonder are my decisions the right ones or wrong ones? How am I reacting to my surroundings? Am I careful enough? Sometimes I do think a lot and honestly its something which has been part of me for some time and I can't get rid of it. Over thinking is bad but well, I'm always cautious with and of everything. I don't want to go down the same path I've been before. I'm tired and kind of had enough of it. If there's something wrong, I'll just back-off this time and not move forward with it. But I'm sure my decisions thus far has been right.

This was one of my 2015 songs during those periods. So deep with mean…

A piece + As low as

Another week coming to an end. When I sit back and think, time do really fly by damn fast. It's now almost the end of November and we are just 4 weeks away till Christmas? This year Christmas is going to be a little extra special if I must say. Well the little extra is certainly because of someone that's for sure. How can I deny that right? If I'm saying its not I'm just lying to myself.

Just texted my sister that why not Christmas Eve this year we have a dinner get together just for the family at her new place. It has been years since we've had a Christmas Eve dinner with the family. Previously we used to have dinner cum party at home with my cousins and everyone was always looking forward to it because there would be games and presents awaiting all of them. We all would then be waiting around the tree till midnight when the clock strikes 12. Greeting and wishing everyone Merry Christmas was just fun and special. Songs and laughter filled all four walls. However, …


Have you heard Adele's soon to be latest single called When We Were Young? If you have not, you should. Surely it isn't as great as Hello but it is surely impressive as well and the lyrics is just meaningful.

Here's the video is you're not watched or listened to it.

Anyway, the week started of well until I had a certain news on Monday evening which really made me think twice on what I've been doing thus far. Is it worth it? Well, time will tell.

Lately I've been getting frustrated quite easily but I'm just trying to conceal it even though I do know the reasons.

Small matters are making me upset quite easily but I just push it away like a filled ashtray with cigarette dust.

People's attitude are getting to me easily but I just smile it off like a kid chewing on a blueberry flavoured chewing gum.

My health has been up and down with me getting sick easily but I know it's because I'm not caring for it well enough.

All I need is a hug so tight to kee…

The pain!

As if pain at work was not not enough, I'm currently down with food poisoning. This time it seem pretty bad as I've been having abdominal pains and cramps all day long for two days. I feel like a girl with her monthly cycle.
Visited the loo around 20 times within 48 hours. A new personal record for me that's for sure. 
Lucky on the 3rd day (which is today) it isn't that bad anymore as the doctor gave me like packets of saline stuff to consume and also yada yada capsules. 
But still having bloated tummy which i hate the most. It's as if I'm fat although I am a bit now. 
Need to get better sooner! Want to eat ice cream, drink coffee and have spicy food!
Hope tomorrow I'll be a-okay as I've got a talk to give which is for almost 2 hours and I've not gone through the deck yet. How awesome is that!
Ps - I feel grateful that I was taken care by someone when I was going through the torture of having all this tummy problem on my first day. Xoxo. Being the driver.…

Just needed to write it here

So I just needed to write it here. This use to be my space for me to pour my heart out and I still find solace doing it here compared to all the other platforms I have.

So what is it that I need to pour out? Well the usual. Work and life. Before that, happy Saturday folks!

I mean my life has been great now in certain ways. I have someone by my side who I can just turn to. I do hope it will last through all my thick and thin in life. Till my first wrinkle line (which I think I'm starting to develop) or till the age when God decides to take me away (being sentimental here). For that, I can say I've started a new page in my book. Always looking to the next day being together in many ways.

On to work matters, I guess if you have read my previous posts about work, it has really been a huge challenge for me in a new environment. Being here, it has been quite a mental challenge trying to go through it day by day. Of course everyone would say, its work, its normal, yes I agree but the…

Something about me......

So this post has been long overdue. I have been wanting to write all my thoughts down but somewhere somehow I always didn't manage to do it at all. For what reasons? Well it is always the same reasons over and over again. Work, busy, no time, lazy, hungry (how does this effect I'm not sure), fussy, hazy and all other excuses you can think of actually.

Anyway, the past two to three months has been filled with life learning lessons which has made me a much wiser and matured person in away plus making me a more "don't take things so seriously" person. Learning to understand, forgive, forget, stepping away and all those itsy bitsy stuff has surely made an impact on me. 

But out of everything, I wouldn't say I've regretted anything but I just wished I've made better decisions and took better steps to improve not just myself but for the people around me.

I've been missing.

Sgrmse has been bugging me to update my blog so here's a promise I shall try to keep. To update my blog more frequently like 3 times a week maybe? Hopefully I can stick to that. 
I've not been blogging due to various reasons and being on a roller coaster ride for the past month was not a good one either. 
My next post would be extremely long thus I hope it will not bore you to death. 
This post is dedicated to Sgrmse. I know you'll read this. Faster come back!

Another day, another time.

Just those three letters to describe how I’m feeling now.
It has been a top-sy tur-vy week for me. Not week, but weeks actually. My emotions has been over the top and it went down hill as well. So much has happened with these past few weeks and I can't even describe how I am feeling now.

Stress from work is good but at the same time, it is not.

I'm lucky to have the people around me always providing me with the support I need from A to Z and without them, honestly, I will just crumble. However having said that, it still doesn't compare when you have that one to share it with.

Starting from Zero

Finally I'm here back on my blog to blog about my lame boring life over and over again. Well actually I didn't wanted to blog until someone commented on my Facebook that I should blog again so here I am trying to kick start my habit of blogging again but someone I'm just so lazy to blog but I will just blog for all my blog readers. Thank you.

That was a hell of an intro isn't it?

Well the main reason why I've not been blogging is still the same as ever before. Been too lazy to do so and writing is tiring and draining and just plain tiring. I just repeated what I just wrote but I don't care. I'll just continue writing what ever I want.

Anyway, last two weeks I was at MP after a gazillion years. Haven't been to that place for months and I finally went. Honestly I just feel, nah, when I entered. I didn't have the same excitement as I did last time. This time is was just pure drinks and chatting while staring down folks in the club with my big eyes with…

Love / Hate

There will always be those who Like you but don't Love you.  There will always be those who Like you and Love you. There will always be those who Dislike you but don't Hate you. There will always be those who Dislike you and Hate you.

Human emotions are so complicating but yet we all manage without emotions, life would just be as boring like a plain toasted bread. You need some jam and butter to go with it at least to make it tastier.

Raya 2015

Wow its Raya! Damn, time really does fly by fast. Don't you think so?

Here's wishing all Muslim folks out there, family and friends, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin!
To all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya! #selamathariraya #raya2015 A photo posted by Adrian (@adlexus) on Jul 16, 2015 at 9:18pm PDT

Snip & Snap

Great! I was typing everything here and I press the freaking wrong button and everything is gone. LITERALLY GONE! FML! 
Anyway new job has been quite good thus far. The best far of this new place is that I get creative control over what is needed to be done and make decisions which can either make me or break me either way. But at least it is better in many other ways compared to me previous place. 

Changing topic for awhile, remember I used to say I wanted to start an online business of my own? Well until now I've yet to even start it at all! I just need more time to do it. OK, time is just an excuse la. It's not exactly time that's stopping me but its me stopping myself from doing it. Seriously, everyday I wake up I always tell myself, I must do this and that but in the end I don't cause I'm just so lazy! 
But, I'm gonna change that (self motivation going on here. Stop reading as it might bore you)!

The End & The Start

Since my last update here, I've been always telling myself that I would continue to write more. At least two to three days, I would get 1 post up but like how it always is, I've never got the time to pen down my thoughts here. Even when I do, I start going brain dead and in the end nothing comes out from this tiny brain of mine. Sometimes its also the time I get home which is too late and I get lazy. 

I've got so much to share and so much to write about until I am not sure where should I start! I guess the best would be to talk about my previous job (yes it is previous now) and also my current job. I'm sure some of you may have gone through it while have yet to experience it. However, here is my story.

Soju-ful Weekend

It has been a superbly busy and packed Monday and Tuesday. Honestly I've never dreaded Monday and Tuesday so much. Damn it's just tiring. Actually I am really really really tired. Didn't really get my much needed beauty sleep over the weekend. Why? Well let me tell you why. Its not a bad thing but a good one.
Firstly, there was lots of food, like so much. Then there was too much laughter involved like too much till my tummy ached. After that there was 'drinks' which I gulped down glass after glass till it was morning.
It was certainly a great fun filled weekend and I just didn't wanted it to stop at all! So what was it that I did? Well basically me and few of my colleagues had a some sort of a slumber dinner/party/retreat.

Why did I get into it?

I'm not sure why did I even agreed to get into it. It's not easy and it is tiring to the core. It's all that petty stuff which gets on my nerves and it's just annoying. 10 months and still same problem which is like from 1 to 10, it would be an 8 the level of patience running out. What's more to come?
End of Part 1

June is here!

It's JUNE! Like literally it's June!
It's mid year and reflecting back on the past 5 months, it has been quite a year for me. I think one of the biggest change within the 5 months is me actually resigning and soon to start a new career with a company this month. How exciting, isn't it?

Well within this 5 months I've definitely done a lot and been through a lot. Like the ups and downs and the many other aspect of direction there is. Although with all this sort of situation taking place, it was surely the friends and family I have which have helped, me, to go through it all with ease. Thank God for them. Hallelujah!
Anyway I'm actually excited to start a new career path. Actually it's not that new, but I'll just be going deeper into it, as I previously was in the path that I'm about to venture back into. A new place and new work. Yippy!

4 weeks to go!

I guess by now the whole world, okay maybe not exactly the whole world but folks at my working place would know that I've resigned from my current employer and servicing my two months notice period.

Many asked me why would I want to resign. The simplest answer I would give is that I've had a better offer somewhere else and I would also want to explore new opportunities. Well that is the two main answers I would give although there is actually more reasons to my action but I shall not write it all down here as the Internet is a vast place and people can dig out information from just about anywhere.

Down there. How to?

How's your weekend people? Great? Good? Bad? Horrible?

Anyway, few weeks back I was sitting down with a few of my friends and we started talking about 'down there'. Yes, 'down there' but not as in how's the shape, size or whatever but instead we were talking about how presentable it is to not just yourself but to another individual (only God knows why the other individual would want to see it *wink wink).

So guys, how is your 'down there'?

Maybe I should be emotion-less?

Sometimes is it me being too sensitive or am I just a short tempered person? I do get pissed off easily this days and sometimes I showed bluntly like no care in the world.

I tend to just blast away at times we no filtered and there's a good and bad to it. The bad is it affects the connection while the good is at least I'm being honest and I don't keep stuff.

Tadom Base

Even before Viper Challenge (which I joined this year), I've always loved the fun of sweating and getting down and dirty in the outdoors. Climbing over stuff and jumping around like monkeys but all that was when I was younger, like way younger. As I grew older, I hardly had any of this sort of chance to do much of it because, well, age la and time and space.

So now when I do have that sort of chance, to get down and dirty (not that kind), I'll definitely accept it with all my might!

I shall swipe.......

Feeling all pumped up to wash my car. Yes I'm washing it myself cause I want to save some $$$ as I'm dying short of it. Anyway back to the story, got my gear all ready and just as I was about to head out, the sky decided to pee away. So its raining kinda heavy now and here I am blogging.

Remember when Tinder just got started and everyone was like "Are you on Tinder?" "Have you tried it?" Everyone around was Tinder-ing and like saying how fun and cool it is. Actually I did try it as well and still do use till today. Just for fun and the sake of seeing people's faces in it. No harm making new friends right? Right? RIGHT?

I'm going down, I'm going TINDER! You better swipe, you better like Let's swipe it right or you won't remember! I'll be the one you won't forget...
Okay just some lame remix. Kindly ignore it.


Before this place collects dust, just some dusting first.

Going to head to Tadom base camp in a few hours time. Excited for it cause it's going to be like Viper!

Hey in life do what you like and enjoy it!

YOLO lah!

Been sometime

It has been sometime since I've visited the beach. Even when I was in Bali for the second time in January, it wasn't really about the beach. Due to the itinerary that was set, no chance for beach enjoyment.

Gosh I just miss the sound of the waves and the sun. The smell of the salty sea air, just lovely and refreshing.

I guess I'm truly a beach person. Throw me a package of 4 days and 3 nights just a beach resort and I'm sold! I mean not so easily but its convincing enough.

Anyhow, will be heading to Langkawi in May but for a super short trip. Actually its really short. It's just over the weekend trip actually. Talk about crazy huh?

The inking dilemma.......

I think previously I've spoken about my intentions to get a inked and it has since been two birthdays passed. I still yet to get my self inked.

Not so much of a piercing person because I don't really appreciate metal stuff hanging around my skin that much. The only piercing I had was just on my left year and that was it. Nothing more nothing less.

So I have been planning to get my self a tattoo for the longest time ever and because I've not found the right design, that plan never materialised. However, now, I've actually got any idea of what I want and it is just the right time to get in permanently marked on my body.

More than that

I guess this is some sort of still my own private space I still have but I do know people will still read it. With all the other platforms I have, there isn't any privacy at all. I mean I don't or can't even voice out what I wish or want without causing any issue or anything that per say.

It has been a hectic and tiring month. March hasn't been the greatest of all the months and I'm sure the following months to come it will be the same as well.

Work is getting even more stress day after day. Had a meeting on Wednesday morning and it wasn't the greatest at all. I guess the pressure is all now on me to deliver and I do wish I could but at the same time I'm doubting myself if I could even do so. Friends used to always say to me, "Gosh your job is so fun!". Yea it is fun and a total new adventure for me but there are times it's not all fun as you see on the surface. It is deeper than that and it much more complicated.

A Friend

'Sorry for not wishing you earlier' 
'Happy birthday!'
'Hey happy Chinese New Year'
'What's up for CNY?' ..........................................
Those were the most recent texts I've received from you. After that I've never gotten any. I never did ask nor did I care. You're always the one to ask me out, to eat, to watch, to dance, to talk, to share. 


Its been superbly busy for me this past few weeks. I'm just starting to feel extremely tired and to top it off I'm getting sick or should I say I am sick.

With so much of stuff going on, I received a shocking news last Friday that my closes friend was admitted into an ICU due to lung infection.

Visited him on Sunday and I just couldn't hold back my tears when I saw him. I spoke with all my might and not to cry in front of him.

When I back away to let him rest, I would just cry non-stop thinking why have I not known of his health and status? Why did I reject his invites to go out and meet up?

When I was about to return back to KL on Sunday evening, I hold his hand tightly and when I was about to let go, he grabbed hold of my hand not wanting to let go. Again I just teared and waited for him to rest. After he did, I slowly moved and spoke to the family.

Received an update on Tuesday evening that he was in a critical condition and was unconscious at times. The doctors told th…

My name is

Again my blog is collecting dust days after days with no updates. Actually been wanting to update much but haven't pretty lazy actually. Why? Just plain lazy la.

Firstly would to wish everyone, Gong Xi Fa Cai! May you have a 'ramming' time in this year of the goat! Is it goat or sheep? When I Google it, it says goat but some say sheep. Gosh I'm confused! Anyway may it be a very goat year for all.

Its February!

Heyyaaa folks! How has been going? Don't ask about me. Things are pretty hectic but at least now it's slowing down just a little.

Ever since being in this current position, been having tonnes to do and people to answer to! Guess its not easy being a lead but I do know I shall lead the team to newer heights (sound so political.. hahaha)

It's not something I'm asking for

Haven't been able to update much here since work have been non-stop 24/7 for the past few days and weeks ever since Bali.

Honestly it really has been pretty hectic for me and the pressure just keeps increasing without ever going down. Its funny how sometimes people judge you from so many aspects. Expectations are always so high from you to deliver and when you don't people would never ask you why you couldn't or they would not bother to hear your story at all. Instead they would just blame you for it and hold you accountable. I guess that's a fact and being humans, that's how we all think.

Some how lately I've been feeling really demotivated and drained. I don't have that spark in me anymore to do stuff. I mean I still do my stuff with full concentration but its not with full passion.

2015 is here!

Okay my last post was on 31st December 2014?  Till then I've not written anything here. Gosh! Forgive me! I was like Gandalf the grey fighting for peace of middle earth! Haha.

Honestly I've been wanting to update here but time has not been that great for me. Right after the new year I've been packed with stuff to do and have been travelling back to back to two places which was Bangkok and Bali.

However I've been updating my Dayre pretty often. Are you on Dayre? I would totally recommend you to be! Here's my account, do follow me ya!