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2015 is here!

Okay my last post was on 31st December 2014?  Till then I've not written anything here. Gosh! Forgive me! I was like Gandalf the grey fighting for peace of middle earth! Haha.

Honestly I've been wanting to update here but time has not been that great for me. Right after the new year I've been packed with stuff to do and have been travelling back to back to two places which was Bangkok and Bali.

However I've been updating my Dayre pretty often. Are you on Dayre? I would totally recommend you to be! Here's my account, do follow me ya!

Okay back to me story. Well being in Bangkok and Bali wasn't for holiday exactly. Was in Bangkok for work the whole first week of January while during the second week was in Bali for a company retreat.

So here is me at a side street taking an #ootd shot. 

Anyway, was in Bangkok for a week to attend a regional meeting with the offices from different countries. It was a packed five day meeting back to back and it was shit load of info for everyone. It was a great experience for me to be there and it certain sets pace for a new chapter in my career.

Love the background.

So right after the week I got back from Bangkok, I was packing again to fly off to Bali. Only had a one day gap for me to rest in KL before heading to the island. It wasn't a personal trip but a company retreat. It was certain fun and I did become tan like very tan. Who uses sun block right? 

ps. the tattoo isn't really but working on getting a real one soon!

Been away from the office for two whole weeks and tomorrow is time be in again. Gosh I dread waking up early but I don't dread going to work. Lots to do!

It isn't to late right to ask how was has your new year been so far?


  1. temporary tattoo is better..permanent ones will cacat your skin. unless you intend to get the sarawakian tribal tattoo, now that's really cool. btw, the first pic is bangkok isit?


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