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It's not something I'm asking for

Haven't been able to update much here since work have been non-stop 24/7 for the past few days and weeks ever since Bali.

Honestly it really has been pretty hectic for me and the pressure just keeps increasing without ever going down. Its funny how sometimes people judge you from so many aspects. Expectations are always so high from you to deliver and when you don't people would never ask you why you couldn't or they would not bother to hear your story at all. Instead they would just blame you for it and hold you accountable. I guess that's a fact and being humans, that's how we all think.

Some how lately I've been feeling really demotivated and drained. I don't have that spark in me anymore to do stuff. I mean I still do my stuff with full concentration but its not with full passion.

Today for example, actually not just today, I was told and read certain unpleasant things about me and honestly if I were to say I don't care, I'm lying. Matter of fact is I do care and I do take this kind of things personally because it is totally not what I am. Like I said, people judge you from the outside without bothering to know what's happening on the inside. They say stuff the like and make assumptions. Anyway, its also for my own good perhaps to proof something? I don't know.

Besides, maybe my level of thinking is somehow different and acting like a teenage kid doesn't help in any case. Being through various industry somehow have taught me precious lessons which I'm always appreciative of.


  1. Nah, don't bother to listen about others. Live your life and be happy birthday boy haha

  2. The truth is, no matter what we do, people would still judge us and critic us. Take time, sit down, and evaluate the feedback you got. Evaluate each criticism and see they are true. Am I slacking in my work? Am I slowing down the work flow in the office? Do people not see me as professional because the way I talk, dress, look, behave? Am I not improving? Which area do I need to learn more to be better? If the feedback and criticism about you is true, then you can take time to think thoroughly how you can improve. But if those criticism are just merely rumours or baseless facts, then you can ignore it. Remember, whatever we do, people still judge and say something because they see it from their point of view. If it's for the better of your work and yourself, then you may consider to improve yourself. Hope this help. Hugs...

    1. That's very true. Analyst what's been said and make myself better. Thanks lots for this! :)


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