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Its February!

Heyyaaa folks! How has been going? Don't ask about me. Things are pretty hectic but at least now it's slowing down just a little.

Ever since being in this current position, been having tonnes to do and people to answer to! Guess its not easy being a lead but I do know I shall lead the team to newer heights (sound so political.. hahaha)

Anyway its February again and guess what? I'm another year older! Such sad case right? How I wish I could just be sweet 17 all over again. Okay maybe not 17 since its still underage. Maybe 18 or 21 it'll be better. *wink wink*. You know, barely legal and sort? Okay that's stupid.

Didn't really celebrate my birthday this year (or any other years for that matter) cause not really into it unless someone throws a surprise party for me, why not right? Only had a pre-birthday karaoke session for 6 hours straight with a bottle of Chivas which after drinking it didn't get me into the mood at all. Fake ar?

Gosh can't believe I'm already at this age! Time is just flowing like water. First you're there and next you're here, I'm getting old I think and I know soon enough I'll have to rethink me life. That's not fun though. Is it a dilemma for everyone when they hit this sort of age? Hope its not!


  1. Happy birthday yo! You can always grow younger, if you tell yourself hard enough that it is true! :)


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