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My name is

Again my blog is collecting dust days after days with no updates. Actually been wanting to update much but haven't pretty lazy actually. Why? Just plain lazy la.

Firstly would to wish everyone, Gong Xi Fa Cai! May you have a 'ramming' time in this year of the goat! Is it goat or sheep? When I Google it, it says goat but some say sheep. Gosh I'm confused! Anyway may it be a very goat year for all.

You when I was young, I used to always think about my name given by my parents. I would ask myself this;

"Why did they gave me this name? It's not even special and by the time I become an adult its going to sound so stupid. My name is just too kiddish"

I would always doubt my own name and I actually came up with a few other names that I felt was more suited to me such as Sean, Eric, Alex and many more. I planned when I started my university studies I would change it but eventually I did not  because there was too much hassle. So I finally grew to like my own name and it has stuck with since the day I was born till this very moment.

Now that I'm wiser *jeng jeng* I notice my name isn't that bad after all and its very Greek-ish as well too *Wikipedia*. Suddenly I feel elevated to another level with this name. Haha.

Speaking about names, what English name do you think sounds good and unique? Do you have an English name as well?

Ps. - my name is in the IC as well okay and not added in to appear fancy in a mobile phone directory.