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A Friend

'Sorry for not wishing you earlier' 

'Happy birthday!'


'Hey happy Chinese New Year'

'What's up for CNY?'

Those were the most recent texts I've received from you. After that I've never gotten any. I never did ask nor did I care. You're always the one to ask me out, to eat, to watch, to dance, to talk, to share. 

During the times when I first started work, you were the one nearest to me and we would always contact each other to go out. The place we would always go is Mid Valley because that's one of our favourite place and the nearest. Till one day we did asked ourselves, "Is there any place else we could go?" The second spot would be Bangsar. I remember when I first brought you to taste the yummy banana leaf rice, you couldn't resist but keep asking me when are going to there again.

For many weekends, it was spend with you going around town, exploring life. For the past couple of years, we build a bond, a friendship, that I've never had with anyone else. We shared so much. We had our own little secret that no else knows till today which I promise to keep forever. It was our little adventure.

Whenever we're out the first thing we would do is hunt for food. Well kimchi was your favourite and I remembered how you went to Coldstorage and bought a big bucket of it. You would always say how good a particular dish is but when I tasted it, I would just say "You're mad, because its not nice".

Apart from food, the next best thing we must do is shopping! Gosh, when there's sales, you just couldn't resist buying it. Each time you had something new, you would wear it and show it to me, "Eh this is new le, nice or not?". Your favourite shop in Mid Valley on level 4, its always a must for you to visit without fail. You would have so much clothes till you had no place to actually keep 'em.

But after sometime, when I moved to PJ, we didn't spend that much time together but we did try to meet up and head out. The stories you would share and how I would react plus how you reacted to it. The gossips we have. 

When you landed your newest job, you were very excited about it. You would say it was a fun job and I remembered when you said "I had to watch foreign films which I don't even understand" or "That video is actually so.........that's why we had to censor it la". With a new job, you started traveling as well and we planned to go Bangkok this year, a place you've been wanting to go so much!


The most recent time I met you was on January 15, 2015. You didn't tell me anything unusual and we enjoyed the time we had and laughing the whole time talking about this and that. After that, we never met until that day.


The day I received a text from my mom asking if I had a friend who was in hospital. Later on I got to know it was you. That very instant I teared up reading the messages I got from our friends about you. I just couldn't believe what I read.


A day after that, I decided to travel to your home town to meet you. I step into the ICU, holding back my tears. I saw you on the bed. I saw how you were in pain. I dare not talk to you. I dare not look you in the eyes. 

But I took the courage to greet you. I smiled and said hi to you. You acknowledged me by nodding your head. I took your hand and hold it tightly. I was just trying very hard to be strong for I know if we are, you would too. 

However I didn't stay long to be with you on that day. I left after you fell asleep. 

I planned to visit you this coming Sunday and I was to come with many other of your friends as well. I was to bring a gift I've gotten for you from Bangkok. I knew you would like it and you could use it wherever you go.


Before I could meet you, say hi to you, and hold your hand,

You left me, your friends and family.

11th of March 2015.

Do rest in peace my dearest friend. You will always be loved by those who are dear to you.


  1. What a heartfelt and touching entry from you. So sorry to hear about your loss of a close friend like this. I'm sure he knows you will always remember him and have a place in your heart. Stay strong and hugs...

  2. Soon it will be my turn... but you've already forgotten me.

  3. I really do the feel for you, I really do... Not knowing when is the last time you will see or hear from someone, until it actually happens and all you're stuck with are memories.... replaying certain chats or events over and over in your head... And there are so many triggers around you that remind you of that person...

    The only thing I can say is, time really does help ease the pain, it takes a long time, but humans are designed to overcome and survive, otherwise we would have already been extinct... But one NEVER forgets, to this day, I still cry, though not as frequently, and I don't hurt as much, but yeah.... The only thing we can do is to carry on and make the most of life :)

    1. Exactly & totally true. Only time heals everything. Well life is just unpredictable & you can't control it.

  4. crying on this, missed him much



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