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More than that

I guess this is some sort of still my own private space I still have but I do know people will still read it. With all the other platforms I have, there isn't any privacy at all. I mean I don't or can't even voice out what I wish or want without causing any issue or anything that per say.

It has been a hectic and tiring month. March hasn't been the greatest of all the months and I'm sure the following months to come it will be the same as well.

Work is getting even more stress day after day. Had a meeting on Wednesday morning and it wasn't the greatest at all. I guess the pressure is all now on me to deliver and I do wish I could but at the same time I'm doubting myself if I could even do so. Friends used to always say to me, "Gosh your job is so fun!". Yea it is fun and a total new adventure for me but there are times it's not all fun as you see on the surface. It is deeper than that and it much more complicated.

A job that requires people skills is not for everyone and me myself I'm still trying to improve on my skills for it. It isn't as simple as ABC. It's not something which you can read out from a text book and just apply it in real. It takes more than that.

I'm just wondering how long can I last and how far can I challenge myself for this. I've been sick for the past one month which was contributed vastly by my work but I just pushed it aside like it was the case.

Mom said sometimes we got to choose. Is it worth it sacrificing your health just for your work? Well for me it depends.

Anyway just waiting for what is to come next.


  1. Things are never easy, but health should be your priority regardless. Get well soon buddy..

  2. Hey, I like your new header pic. Simple, stylistic, and modern looking.


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