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Its been superbly busy for me this past few weeks. I'm just starting to feel extremely tired and to top it off I'm getting sick or should I say I am sick.

With so much of stuff going on, I received a shocking news last Friday that my closes friend was admitted into an ICU due to lung infection.

Visited him on Sunday and I just couldn't hold back my tears when I saw him. I spoke with all my might and not to cry in front of him.

When I back away to let him rest, I would just cry non-stop thinking why have I not known of his health and status? Why did I reject his invites to go out and meet up?

When I was about to return back to KL on Sunday evening, I hold his hand tightly and when I was about to let go, he grabbed hold of my hand not wanting to let go. Again I just teared and waited for him to rest. After he did, I slowly moved and spoke to the family.

Received an update on Tuesday evening that he was in a critical condition and was unconscious at times. The doctors told the family to just be prepared for any circumstances that might occur.

My heart sank when I heard that news and I just don't want to know the possibilities.

I pray so hard that he'll be okay and we'll be meeting each other back in KL going out for drinks.


  1. All will be well, Lexus. Stay strong.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you <3

  2. Praying is something I've been doing a lot lately (crying as well LOL), with all the stuff that's been happening, makes you feel like the world is just unpredictable and often times downright shitty.

    My thought and prayers are with you and your friend as well :)

    1. True.. The world is just upside down I think.

      Thank you :)


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