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I shall swipe.......

Feeling all pumped up to wash my car. Yes I'm washing it myself cause I want to save some $$$ as I'm dying short of it. Anyway back to the story, got my gear all ready and just as I was about to head out, the sky decided to pee away. So its raining kinda heavy now and here I am blogging.

Remember when Tinder just got started and everyone was like "Are you on Tinder?" "Have you tried it?" Everyone around was Tinder-ing and like saying how fun and cool it is. Actually I did try it as well and still do use till today. Just for fun and the sake of seeing people's faces in it. No harm making new friends right? Right? RIGHT?

I'm going down, I'm going TINDER! You better swipe, you better like Let's swipe it right or you won't remember! I'll be the one you won't forget...
Okay just some lame remix. Kindly ignore it.


Before this place collects dust, just some dusting first.

Going to head to Tadom base camp in a few hours time. Excited for it cause it's going to be like Viper!

Hey in life do what you like and enjoy it!

YOLO lah!

Been sometime

It has been sometime since I've visited the beach. Even when I was in Bali for the second time in January, it wasn't really about the beach. Due to the itinerary that was set, no chance for beach enjoyment.

Gosh I just miss the sound of the waves and the sun. The smell of the salty sea air, just lovely and refreshing.

I guess I'm truly a beach person. Throw me a package of 4 days and 3 nights just a beach resort and I'm sold! I mean not so easily but its convincing enough.

Anyhow, will be heading to Langkawi in May but for a super short trip. Actually its really short. It's just over the weekend trip actually. Talk about crazy huh?

The inking dilemma.......

I think previously I've spoken about my intentions to get a inked and it has since been two birthdays passed. I still yet to get my self inked.

Not so much of a piercing person because I don't really appreciate metal stuff hanging around my skin that much. The only piercing I had was just on my left year and that was it. Nothing more nothing less.

So I have been planning to get my self a tattoo for the longest time ever and because I've not found the right design, that plan never materialised. However, now, I've actually got any idea of what I want and it is just the right time to get in permanently marked on my body.