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I shall swipe.......

Feeling all pumped up to wash my car. Yes I'm washing it myself cause I want to save some $$$ as I'm dying short of it. Anyway back to the story, got my gear all ready and just as I was about to head out, the sky decided to pee away. So its raining kinda heavy now and here I am blogging.

Remember when Tinder just got started and everyone was like "Are you on Tinder?" "Have you tried it?" Everyone around was Tinder-ing and like saying how fun and cool it is. Actually I did try it as well and still do use till today. Just for fun and the sake of seeing people's faces in it. No harm making new friends right? Right? RIGHT?

I'm going down, I'm going TINDER!
You better swipe, you better like
Let's swipe it right or you won't remember!
I'll be the one you won't forget...

Okay just some lame remix. Kindly ignore it.

I've actually got a huge question on my mind. Here it goes.

When you are on Tinder, what do you look for that decides if the person deserves to be swiped to the left or the right? 

Just imagine you're on Tinder now and you see this two different person with two different picture. Which would you swipe left and which would you swipe right to know more and potentially meet up AND potentially do something else... *wink wink* ? And why?

Candidate A
 Yours truly

Candidate B
Yours truly as well.


  1. LMAO!!! This post. I didn't even know that remix existed. Funny stuff!! I'd swipe right on the second dude. Coz I'm see mun like that. Ahemhem. 0:-D

  2. Candidate A, wiuweet ~~
    Candidate B, hensemnya ~~


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