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4 weeks to go!

I guess by now the whole world, okay maybe not exactly the whole world but folks at my working place would know that I've resigned from my current employer and servicing my two months notice period.

Many asked me why would I want to resign. The simplest answer I would give is that I've had a better offer somewhere else and I would also want to explore new opportunities. Well that is the two main answers I would give although there is actually more reasons to my action but I shall not write it all down here as the Internet is a vast place and people can dig out information from just about anywhere.

Down there. How to?

How's your weekend people? Great? Good? Bad? Horrible?

Anyway, few weeks back I was sitting down with a few of my friends and we started talking about 'down there'. Yes, 'down there' but not as in how's the shape, size or whatever but instead we were talking about how presentable it is to not just yourself but to another individual (only God knows why the other individual would want to see it *wink wink).

So guys, how is your 'down there'?

Maybe I should be emotion-less?

Sometimes is it me being too sensitive or am I just a short tempered person? I do get pissed off easily this days and sometimes I showed bluntly like no care in the world.

I tend to just blast away at times we no filtered and there's a good and bad to it. The bad is it affects the connection while the good is at least I'm being honest and I don't keep stuff.

Tadom Base

Even before Viper Challenge (which I joined this year), I've always loved the fun of sweating and getting down and dirty in the outdoors. Climbing over stuff and jumping around like monkeys but all that was when I was younger, like way younger. As I grew older, I hardly had any of this sort of chance to do much of it because, well, age la and time and space.

So now when I do have that sort of chance, to get down and dirty (not that kind), I'll definitely accept it with all my might!