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4 weeks to go!

I guess by now the whole world, okay maybe not exactly the whole world but folks at my working place would know that I've resigned from my current employer and servicing my two months notice period.

Many asked me why would I want to resign. The simplest answer I would give is that I've had a better offer somewhere else and I would also want to explore new opportunities. Well that is the two main answers I would give although there is actually more reasons to my action but I shall not write it all down here as the Internet is a vast place and people can dig out information from just about anywhere.

So yeah, I'm on the road to experience new stuff and explore a new working culture which I think is a great thing. Although, yes starting anew can be tough but I don't mind it. Of course I'll be missing the folks and friends I've made and met at my current employment but we can always take it away from the work place like we always do and still make things work anyway.

Anyway the story of my resignation was quite a low key note. I handed my letter over and I just tried to keep it at a low key note but some how, everyone started to notice and got news that I'm leaving. However, I wasn't unhappy about any of it instead I was glad that I didn't have to tell them personally I'm leaving. Hahaha. Saved my soul because I don't quite like telling people bad news or anything negative.

Anyway now I'm the process of managing my handover which I've hardly got any time to do. Why? Maybe I'll talk about it later on I guess. It's not right for me to share stuff online I think. Well my only concern is for my team to do their best and be the best not who's managing them.

4 weeks to go!


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