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Down there. How to?

How's your weekend people? Great? Good? Bad? Horrible?

Anyway, few weeks back I was sitting down with a few of my friends and we started talking about 'down there'. Yes, 'down there' but not as in how's the shape, size or whatever but instead we were talking about how presentable it is to not just yourself but to another individual (only God knows why the other individual would want to see it *wink wink).

So guys, how is your 'down there'?

During the discussion I agreed that all guys should have a properly well maintained 'down there' landscape.

Just like the hair on your head. You maintain it by visiting the saloon to get it trimmed or cut and styled to perfection. Any strand longer you'll just snap it off and ensure it is in place with hair spray or wax. So, why not do the same for your man-scape? Of course you can't be spraying it.

So, have you been keeping your bush in check? If you've not, well lets just say, Cheryl says it all with that face.

It's not too late after all to keep your bush at bay by either man-scape-ing it or just deforest-ing the whole place. Would you want 'someone' to go down on you and only to find your baby bro lovely snuggled between shrubs which look like the amazon? Perhaps worst case of having strands of it getting stuck between their teeth? Not insulting but I've heard cases of that happening and it isn't pleasant right?

There's a few ways to make sure everything is in check but the simplest would to either snip it off or wax it all off.

There's quite a few number of waxing saloons (like Strip which is the well known one) out there which provides services for men (not just women so throw that thought out the window please) to help give you that flawless, soft and smooth 'down there' just like the surface of a baby's butt. Just make sure before you indulge in doing waxing, do be mentally prepared for the pain, but it does vary from one to another. I heard the fear and the pain (at times) would not trigger a hard on. That's good right? Another thing is, you can't be shy when getting a wax and do expect the lady or men to see your baby bro smiling at them. Imagine spreading your legs to a total stranger and fiddling with your genitals. The whole waxing process takes a few minutes to complete from one end to the other and once it's done, you'll feel so lite and breezy till you can't stop molesting yourself (heard this from some folks).

If you're not into hot liquid and sticky stuff being slapped around your manhood, why not do a man-scape-ing activity as it is pretty easy and all you need is a pair of scissors and a comb, maybe a shaver can be thrown in as well. After that all you need to do is just, soap it up (don't play with soap except when you're man-scape-ing) snip snip and wallah! You're done!

Just be-careful not to snip any skin off otherwise you're in for a lot of pain.

 photo tumblr_lysy36Vx6N1qgmbpu.gif

Anyway, it does take a lot longer in time to do this but at least you get to save a little and all the handling is by yourself. Plus maybe some well trimmed bush would not make you feel so kiddo in a way?

So how do you maintain your manhood bush? WAIT! Do you or you don't do it in the first place? If you do, claps and cheers for you! If you don't, WHY NOT?

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