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Maybe I should be emotion-less?

Sometimes is it me being too sensitive or am I just a short tempered person? I do get pissed off easily this days and sometimes I showed bluntly like no care in the world.

I tend to just blast away at times we no filtered and there's a good and bad to it. The bad is it affects the connection while the good is at least I'm being honest and I don't keep stuff.

Maybe I should just be emotion-less and shrug it off and have no care in the world about it? But it is difficult cause it does get to me and I must say something about it.

At times it just bores me having to go through all this shit and not do what I love. It's like being restricted in so many ways that I rather not describe it here.

I guess I am an extremely emotional person with multiple personality from head to toe. I can change from being a lovely guppy swimming freely in a large open space to someone brewing hot fresh lava from the hills of Mount Doom.

Maybe my priorities are changing that's why and perhaps growing older too? That explains the multiple emotional changes I go through within a day.