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Tadom Base

Even before Viper Challenge (which I joined this year), I've always loved the fun of sweating and getting down and dirty in the outdoors. Climbing over stuff and jumping around like monkeys but all that was when I was younger, like way younger. As I grew older, I hardly had any of this sort of chance to do much of it because, well, age la and time and space.

So now when I do have that sort of chance, to get down and dirty (not that kind), I'll definitely accept it with all my might!

Few weeks back I had the opportunity to try out and experience another round of obstacle sort of challenge but it was not by any organiser or was it a marathon challenge. Instead it was at a location and the place that offered this sort of obstacle challenge course in one place is none other than Tadom Base.

Tadom Base offers many sort of activities one can experience but part of it is an obstacle course with 30 obstacles with a distance of 3 km in total. Anyway keeping it short, if you want to enjoy some outdoor fun, this is a great place for you and your friends. Read more about it here. You can always follow their Facebook or Instagram as well.

Back to the story, so I was there and obviously it was certainly fun although it was pretty short and you can actually complete everything kinda fast if your determine enough. I had the chance to experience the place with a bunch of awesome folks.

This is the overall view of the place.
The lake and also the obstacle course behind it.
The parking area, washroom and the office area (the red container).
A close up shot of the 'office'.
Group photo before we begin torturing ourselves.
How about a selfie first?
Off we go!
This is the first two obstacles we faced.

Here are some of the obstacles we faced!
Finally a group picture after going through all 30 obstacles. It isn't a long course but certain it challenges your stamina at a certain level.

If you're heading there soon, do let me know! I want to know your thoughts about it. 


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