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The End & The Start

Since my last update here, I've been always telling myself that I would continue to write more. At least two to three days, I would get 1 post up but like how it always is, I've never got the time to pen down my thoughts here. Even when I do, I start going brain dead and in the end nothing comes out from this tiny brain of mine. Sometimes its also the time I get home which is too late and I get lazy. 

I've got so much to share and so much to write about until I am not sure where should I start! I guess the best would be to talk about my previous job (yes it is previous now) and also my current job. I'm sure some of you may have gone through it while have yet to experience it. However, here is my story.

Soju-ful Weekend

It has been a superbly busy and packed Monday and Tuesday. Honestly I've never dreaded Monday and Tuesday so much. Damn it's just tiring. Actually I am really really really tired. Didn't really get my much needed beauty sleep over the weekend. Why? Well let me tell you why. Its not a bad thing but a good one.
Firstly, there was lots of food, like so much. Then there was too much laughter involved like too much till my tummy ached. After that there was 'drinks' which I gulped down glass after glass till it was morning.
It was certainly a great fun filled weekend and I just didn't wanted it to stop at all! So what was it that I did? Well basically me and few of my colleagues had a some sort of a slumber dinner/party/retreat.

Why did I get into it?

I'm not sure why did I even agreed to get into it. It's not easy and it is tiring to the core. It's all that petty stuff which gets on my nerves and it's just annoying. 10 months and still same problem which is like from 1 to 10, it would be an 8 the level of patience running out. What's more to come?
End of Part 1

June is here!

It's JUNE! Like literally it's June!
It's mid year and reflecting back on the past 5 months, it has been quite a year for me. I think one of the biggest change within the 5 months is me actually resigning and soon to start a new career with a company this month. How exciting, isn't it?

Well within this 5 months I've definitely done a lot and been through a lot. Like the ups and downs and the many other aspect of direction there is. Although with all this sort of situation taking place, it was surely the friends and family I have which have helped, me, to go through it all with ease. Thank God for them. Hallelujah!
Anyway I'm actually excited to start a new career path. Actually it's not that new, but I'll just be going deeper into it, as I previously was in the path that I'm about to venture back into. A new place and new work. Yippy!