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June is here!

It's JUNE! Like literally it's June!

It's mid year and reflecting back on the past 5 months, it has been quite a year for me. I think one of the biggest change within the 5 months is me actually resigning and soon to start a new career with a company this month. How exciting, isn't it?

Well within this 5 months I've definitely done a lot and been through a lot. Like the ups and downs and the many other aspect of direction there is. Although with all this sort of situation taking place, it was surely the friends and family I have which have helped, me, to go through it all with ease. Thank God for them. Hallelujah!

Anyway I'm actually excited to start a new career path. Actually it's not that new, but I'll just be going deeper into it, as I previously was in the path that I'm about to venture back into. A new place and new work. Yippy!

Have you heard and seen Mariah Carey's new single called Infinity? Go watch it!

It's almost end of the week now and I'm currently in the midst of conducting training for the newbies and a "not so newbie". Just hope it goes well and they get the best of the best from what I can afford to give them.

Have you seen the new Bruce Jenner? Its no more Bruce but now Caitlyn Jenner! She is just stunning! 

She is just so elegant and you can total see how confident she is now with who she is. She would truly be and is an inspiration for many out there.