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Soju-ful Weekend

It has been a superbly busy and packed Monday and Tuesday. Honestly I've never dreaded Monday and Tuesday so much. Damn it's just tiring. Actually I am really really really tired. Didn't really get my much needed beauty sleep over the weekend. Why? Well let me tell you why. Its not a bad thing but a good one.

Firstly, there was lots of food, like so much. Then there was too much laughter involved like too much till my tummy ached. After that there was 'drinks' which I gulped down glass after glass till it was morning.

It was certainly a great fun filled weekend and I just didn't wanted it to stop at all! So what was it that I did? Well basically me and few of my colleagues had a some sort of a slumber dinner/party/retreat.

So, the whole thing took place at the lovely and very inviting, E&O Residences. I was actually contemplating if I should just retire early and stay here for years to come. The place just made you feel extremely comfortable and not forgetting to mention the view you get by the pool. *wink wink* 

The unit that we stayed was huge with two rooms (the master room was damn huge and the bathroom was as big as a small room and you could actually make love it in with ease, rolling all over the floor) which had their own attached bathroom, a study room, while the living area, dining and kitchen is one common area. It was just an ideal home I would imagine for an unmarried person like me. Wonder when would I be able to afford such luxury? 

Click here to find out more about E&O Residences KL

Anyway we spend one night here over the weekend just for a simple retreat and it was all fun and laughter. On Saturday night we had steamboat with lots and lots of pork slices which was just like heaven because if you were to have them outside, it would cost you a bomb. Which is why I hardly have any steamboat outside. It's just not worth it people!

I was surrounded by beautiful ladies. Was the only Alpha. Roarrr! At that time. See them preparing dinner?

A closer look at what was happening.

Before and after food, there was also some cam whoring sessions with everyone but of course I can't be uploading everything in here right?

Here's me and Pui Yee using the fish eye lense. Not sure why is my iPhone's front camera so blur.

Then you have Denise, Xing Yi and Enwei here.

Playing with a selfie stick here. Haven't owned one and used one. Noob.

We had bathrobes. Why not use it to make a fashion statement right?

 Apparently there was an operation table as well aka study table. What else? 

After dinner all of us sat down for a chat and we started the night by playing some simple games and what is games without drinks right? So everyone gulped down a few glasses before it was midnight and after midnight we actually gulped down even more of it. Like literally. So before midnight we were having wines, red and white but after the clock stroke 12, all those changed. 

However before we continued drinking, there was some preparations for the next day's breakfast spread. Pancakes was part of the menu so we prepared the batter earlier so that it would taste smoother and better when we cooked it in the morning.

There was "Mari Memasak Bersama Chef Adlexus" moment. Dutch Lady was the sponsor? My arms look big here. I'm attracted to myself!

Here's me diligently beating the separated egg white from the york until it is fluffy and stiff. 

The next day my left arm hurt because apparently I don't use much of my left arm. That's funny though. I use quite a lot of my left hand for "stuff". Left arm hurt but I was beating with my right hand. Herm?

It's so hard to concentrate when your hardcore fans keep sticking, sniffing, molesting and etc. ing you. Lucky I wasn't shirtless with an apron on. That'll be too sexy.

So, after all the preparations was done, it was time to chillax again and drink. This time it wasn't wine but it was soju instead with mango cordial and 7Up. How can you drink without games again right? So we played "Have you ever". It was a night (or more like morning) full of questions and surprised answers by all who played. We got to know quite a number of stuff from each other. The whole session lasted till like 7am in the morning and I couldn't take it anymore till I just drop to the floor and went dead asleep. 

The next morning I woke up to noises in the kitchen and with a spinning head from all that soju! Never drank so much soju before honestly! Luckily I didn't suffer a hangover but just spinny head. 

The good thing about staying with people who can cook is that when you wake up, breakfast is ready and all you got to do is just eat it! Nom nom nom.

Breakfast of the day was bigbreakfast. There's pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, mushroom, and roasted tomato. After that it was followed up by Death by Chocolate ice cream!

Welfie time!

So our retreat has come to an end and a group photo was a must. Here's the polite version.

Here's the mad version. See the differences?

I really do wish my weekend was always like this but I know, that it is just too good to be true unless I can get someone to sponsor me this kind of lifestyle. Any takers? Hahaha.

I'm definitely going to plan my next weekend retreat within the city itself as I prefer to have one which is nearby and not having to travel so far to enjoy it. This also makes going back to work on a Monday not all that bad.

Till my next retreat! 


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