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The End & The Start

Since my last update here, I've been always telling myself that I would continue to write more. At least two to three days, I would get 1 post up but like how it always is, I've never got the time to pen down my thoughts here. Even when I do, I start going brain dead and in the end nothing comes out from this tiny brain of mine. Sometimes its also the time I get home which is too late and I get lazy.

I've got so much to share and so much to write about until I am not sure where should I start! I guess the best would be to talk about my previous job (yes it is previous now) and also my current job. I'm sure some of you may have gone through it while have yet to experience it. However, here is my story.

So my last day with my previous company (which you may have already known) was last Tuesday to be precise. I wouldn't say it was a perfect goodbye to the company as during my last few days there, there were some last minute issues that cropped which I totally found it to be extremely unsatisfactory and in certain ways it was not what I expected. However having said that, I still feel sad to be leaving the people and my effort plus time which I've placed while I was there. But that is how it goes right? I do wish I managed to leave a lasting impact to the company and the changes made would last for some time. I guess the thing I would miss the most is the people I've met and the friends I've made. It's not easy for me to have this sort of bonding with my fellow colleagues. 

Anyway I do wish the best for the company now and in the future. I believe it will certainly grow bigger soon enough as they are expending at the moment. 

Okay moving on!

I've joined a new company! Well it's a start-up company and basically they're an e-commerce business. So what I do there? I manage the company's marketing department in the country. It is certainly a challenging role and when  I say challenging I literally mean it. My first day there was not like any first day employee would expect and my second day was even more than what I expected. But yes, there's always a but, I have no regrets and I like the challenge I get. It certainly helps me a lot in developing my skills and for me to gain the much needed experience in marketing. 

Busy weeks and months are ahead of me. I must stay focus and not lose track.

Talking about losing, here's something to share.

Been doing more weights training in the gym lately and it is taking effect however my biggest challenge is still those belly fat. Gosh! How do I get rid of them? Been quite lazy in doing cardio honestly. Sometimes I wonder how can those guys, with ripped body be so fit when they hardly do any cardio? 

Oh I still haven't got my tattoo yet. No time to even design it! Which part would look good? Thinking of doing it on the inner arms part.


  1. You would look so fine completely naked 24/7. Damn baby be banging! :-)


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