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Snip & Snap

Great! I was typing everything here and I press the freaking wrong button and everything is gone. LITERALLY GONE! FML! 

Anyway new job has been quite good thus far. The best far of this new place is that I get creative control over what is needed to be done and make decisions which can either make me or break me either way. But at least it is better in many other ways compared to me previous place. 

Changing topic for awhile, remember I used to say I wanted to start an online business of my own? Well until now I've yet to even start it at all! I just need more time to do it. OK, time is just an excuse la. It's not exactly time that's stopping me but its me stopping myself from doing it. Seriously, everyday I wake up I always tell myself, I must do this and that but in the end I don't cause I'm just so lazy! 

But, I'm gonna change that (self motivation going on here. Stop reading as it might bore you)!

I shall start planning it all over again. I shall set up all the necessary stuff for it. I shall start sourcing all the items again. I shall start traveling to source all those items. I shall work hard to get money to travel. I shall stay longer in office to complete all my work. I shall just do what I need to that's all. I shall stop crapping all this stuff I'm saying before it gets worst.


Going back to my actually reason for this post. Sometimes I feel when someone is just so freaking scared of losing their soul, they would just do all sort of stuff to make sure their soul won't get sold and just do freaking stupid stuff to make people think that they are all high and mighty.

I actually know or should I say knew (since its already in the past I knew this person as I would rather choose not to be associated with this freaking person for all the shit stuff being said and done) this particular person. I used to have a certain level of respect for this person but in the end it all went down the drain for what was said.

Honestly, this person's personality is great but the professionalism and attitude is just like $%&@. Why would you prefer going round making false rumors about how high and mighty you are but in reality, you're just lower than dirt? I guess after what has happen, reality must have hit you and you finally SNIPPED and SNAPPED causing all your bad side to show. 

Having power isn't the answer to gain respect. I'm still surprise you're doing it without being punished but eventually, I do believe, you will get it soon enough. You've not seen the real world out there yet. You think you know a lot, but if you knock you head on the wall, you'll realise what you know about the world outside, is just like a dot along the lines. 

Oh well, people will be people and people can't change just like that especially when they've had power at such a young age.

Just needed to rant some stuff out actually. LOL! More to come!

Random question > Anyone here on Skout?