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Starting from Zero

Finally I'm here back on my blog to blog about my lame boring life over and over again. Well actually I didn't wanted to blog until someone commented on my Facebook that I should blog again so here I am trying to kick start my habit of blogging again but someone I'm just so lazy to blog but I will just blog for all my blog readers. Thank you.

That was a hell of an intro isn't it?

Well the main reason why I've not been blogging is still the same as ever before. Been too lazy to do so and writing is tiring and draining and just plain tiring. I just repeated what I just wrote but I don't care. I'll just continue writing what ever I want.

Anyway, last two weeks I was at MP after a gazillion years. Haven't been to that place for months and I finally went. Honestly I just feel, nah, when I entered. I didn't have the same excitement as I did last time. This time is was just pure drinks and chatting while staring down folks in the club with my big eyes with…

Love / Hate

There will always be those who Like you but don't Love you.  There will always be those who Like you and Love you. There will always be those who Dislike you but don't Hate you. There will always be those who Dislike you and Hate you.

Human emotions are so complicating but yet we all manage without emotions, life would just be as boring like a plain toasted bread. You need some jam and butter to go with it at least to make it tastier.