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Another day, another time.


Just those three letters to describe how I’m feeling now.

It has been a top-sy tur-vy week for me. Not week, but weeks actually. My emotions has been over the top and it went down hill as well. So much has happened with these past few weeks and I can't even describe how I am feeling now.

Stress from work is good but at the same time, it is not.

I'm lucky to have the people around me always providing me with the support I need from A to Z and without them, honestly, I will just crumble. However having said that, it still doesn't compare when you have that one to share it with.
Not many would know but sometimes I just wished I really had a shoulder I could just rant all day long and just cry all day long especially in such stressful period for me. I was actually on the verge of having a melt down. I could feel it deep inside that I was not prepared at all for all this but somehow I manage to pull through it. Pat on the back for myself.

There are times when you will have to face this cruel world alone. Friends and family are like your lifeline and cure but the battle is by you. You decide what steps to take and at what level you would need to upgrade to to fight the battle.

Tough times are never easy to go through but you will still have to fight through it anyways. Honestly it is just so tiring been through it and still going through it.

It is just like love. When you loose on it, you can't just give up on it. You just need to keep moving on. I think I need to say this more often to myself. Haha.

Anyway, I guessed many of you might have seen the recent audition on the X Factor UK by Josh Daniel. I actually cried as well watching that. Yea I am an emotional guy if you must know.

It just brought back some memories I had and how it feels losing a close friend that's so dear to you.


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