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Something about me......

So this post has been long overdue. I have been wanting to write all my thoughts down but somewhere somehow I always didn't manage to do it at all. For what reasons? Well it is always the same reasons over and over again. Work, busy, no time, lazy, hungry (how does this effect I'm not sure), fussy, hazy and all other excuses you can think of actually.

Anyway, the past two to three months has been filled with life learning lessons which has made me a much wiser and matured person in away plus making me a more "don't take things so seriously" person. Learning to understand, forgive, forget, stepping away and all those itsy bitsy stuff has surely made an impact on me. 

But out of everything, I wouldn't say I've regretted anything but I just wished I've made better decisions and took better steps to improve not just myself but for the people around me.

I've been missing.

Sgrmse has been bugging me to update my blog so here's a promise I shall try to keep. To update my blog more frequently like 3 times a week maybe? Hopefully I can stick to that. 
I've not been blogging due to various reasons and being on a roller coaster ride for the past month was not a good one either. 
My next post would be extremely long thus I hope it will not bore you to death. 
This post is dedicated to Sgrmse. I know you'll read this. Faster come back!