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A piece + As low as

Another week coming to an end. When I sit back and think, time do really fly by damn fast. It's now almost the end of November and we are just 4 weeks away till Christmas? This year Christmas is going to be a little extra special if I must say. Well the little extra is certainly because of someone that's for sure. How can I deny that right? If I'm saying its not I'm just lying to myself.

Just texted my sister that why not Christmas Eve this year we have a dinner get together just for the family at her new place. It has been years since we've had a Christmas Eve dinner with the family. Previously we used to have dinner cum party at home with my cousins and everyone was always looking forward to it because there would be games and presents awaiting all of them. We all would then be waiting around the tree till midnight when the clock strikes 12. Greeting and wishing everyone Merry Christmas was just fun and special. Songs and laughter filled all four walls. However, …


Have you heard Adele's soon to be latest single called When We Were Young? If you have not, you should. Surely it isn't as great as Hello but it is surely impressive as well and the lyrics is just meaningful.

Here's the video is you're not watched or listened to it.

Anyway, the week started of well until I had a certain news on Monday evening which really made me think twice on what I've been doing thus far. Is it worth it? Well, time will tell.

Lately I've been getting frustrated quite easily but I'm just trying to conceal it even though I do know the reasons.

Small matters are making me upset quite easily but I just push it away like a filled ashtray with cigarette dust.

People's attitude are getting to me easily but I just smile it off like a kid chewing on a blueberry flavoured chewing gum.

My health has been up and down with me getting sick easily but I know it's because I'm not caring for it well enough.

All I need is a hug so tight to kee…

The pain!

As if pain at work was not not enough, I'm currently down with food poisoning. This time it seem pretty bad as I've been having abdominal pains and cramps all day long for two days. I feel like a girl with her monthly cycle.
Visited the loo around 20 times within 48 hours. A new personal record for me that's for sure. 
Lucky on the 3rd day (which is today) it isn't that bad anymore as the doctor gave me like packets of saline stuff to consume and also yada yada capsules. 
But still having bloated tummy which i hate the most. It's as if I'm fat although I am a bit now. 
Need to get better sooner! Want to eat ice cream, drink coffee and have spicy food!
Hope tomorrow I'll be a-okay as I've got a talk to give which is for almost 2 hours and I've not gone through the deck yet. How awesome is that!
Ps - I feel grateful that I was taken care by someone when I was going through the torture of having all this tummy problem on my first day. Xoxo. Being the driver.…

Just needed to write it here

So I just needed to write it here. This use to be my space for me to pour my heart out and I still find solace doing it here compared to all the other platforms I have.

So what is it that I need to pour out? Well the usual. Work and life. Before that, happy Saturday folks!

I mean my life has been great now in certain ways. I have someone by my side who I can just turn to. I do hope it will last through all my thick and thin in life. Till my first wrinkle line (which I think I'm starting to develop) or till the age when God decides to take me away (being sentimental here). For that, I can say I've started a new page in my book. Always looking to the next day being together in many ways.

On to work matters, I guess if you have read my previous posts about work, it has really been a huge challenge for me in a new environment. Being here, it has been quite a mental challenge trying to go through it day by day. Of course everyone would say, its work, its normal, yes I agree but the…