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A piece + As low as

Another week coming to an end. When I sit back and think, time do really fly by damn fast. It's now almost the end of November and we are just 4 weeks away till Christmas? This year Christmas is going to be a little extra special if I must say. Well the little extra is certainly because of someone that's for sure. How can I deny that right? If I'm saying its not I'm just lying to myself.

Just texted my sister that why not Christmas Eve this year we have a dinner get together just for the family at her new place. It has been years since we've had a Christmas Eve dinner with the family. Previously we used to have dinner cum party at home with my cousins and everyone was always looking forward to it because there would be games and presents awaiting all of them. We all would then be waiting around the tree till midnight when the clock strikes 12. Greeting and wishing everyone Merry Christmas was just fun and special. Songs and laughter filled all four walls. However, now since everyone has grown up, that tradition has stopped and we've not had any celebration of sort since. So this year, me and my sister are going to cook and bake. Can't wait for it!

Anyway, going back to the main purpose of this post, it has been long delayed like seriously long. But I am trying to keep my blog updated so bare with me! To the core of this post, if you notice the title, try translating it to Malay. What does it mean?

Can’t think of it? Well, let me tell you. It’s Sekeping Serendah! Get it get it? Hahaha.

Visited the place recently and it was my first time there to be honest. I’ve always heard of it but never got the chance to actually visit the place. It is certainly located in a private, densely populated area by nature with lots of trees and mosquitoes plus there were also leeches (seriously I’m not freaking lying because I had one on my foot). It’s funny when you’re there you just forget about the whole city life and just be spell bound by nature. Not forgetting, there isn’t any telco signal (Maxis had 1-2 bars with 3G while DiGi totally suck) as well you better make sure you get all your stuff done in time and inform your love ones where you’ll be. Good side is, no one can disturb you but if you're just a mobile/Facebook/Whatsapp/Line/Instagram/Tinder/WeChat/Snapchat addict, I think you may just die from not having access to any of it. Don't even think of using any 'other' apps there. For what? You want to make out with a monkey (like literally)?.

Having arrived at the place, we (yes I didn't go alone, sleeping in a jungle alone? No) were taken to our room which was called the Glass Box. Why is it called the Glass Box? Because the whole room was literally a glass box with all four walls made up of glass. The room was situated on a slope overlooking the entrance to the place and it was certainly refreshing. There was a huge balcony like thing which below it is just the side of the hill. The way up to the Box was quite challenging. With a pathway all the way up with no side rails and I almost fell which I thought to myself "Goodbye world!".

So this is the Glass Box. That's the bed (queen size), hanging from the top is mosquito netting (surprisingly there wasn't any but just bugs), ceiling fan, lights, there were minor room amenities like a mini fridge, 3 in 1 drinks, plates, cups, kettle and other bitsy stuff. The room isn't all that big anyway but just nice for two.

How about showering with nature? If you have some sort of excitement to shower in the open, this places offers you that opportunity to do so. The wall there is just to keep those eyes on the pathway from peeping at you 'dancing in the rain'. If you're afraid of icey cold water, fret not as there is actually warm or hot water as well. The water can be literally hot. Trust me.

Not just showering, but when you poop, nature is watching you! Beware of the big ants that are always crawling around and check the toilet bowl before sitting on it. Who knows what may be lurking in it. #justsaying

Yours truly doing the dishes aka washing a cup only. It was pouring thus leading me having to carry that umbrella while washing.

There's also a pool for you to dip or just do what ever you want in it. Beware though the pool surface isn't smooth thus you may sustain scratches which I did!

Another thing to note about this place is, there aren't any food stalls nearby. Thus it is advisable for you to bring your own food to barbecue it at night. For us we bought some stuff for the night to barbecue there and drink.

I guessed my tummy just had to choose the wrong time to be sick. I suffered from quite a bad tummy problem the very next day which dragged on for the next 2-3 days.

Just wished I could wake up to this sort of environment daily. Feels so calm and soothing, gosh so nice! But I would never want to leave my bed then. Dilemma again.

When you're trying to take a selfie, there are bound to be disturbance. 

Overall the trip was a great one although for just a short period. Would surely go back again! 

Ps. - the guy who was assisting us was from India. Apparently he's new to the place. He was quite a creepy fellow or perhaps I should say extremely friendly? He kept asking weird questions and when I ask him what time does he and his team sleeps, he straight turn around and kept asking me why with the most sexually awkward facial expression. I just said nothing just in case I needed emergency assistance from being bitten by mosquitoes. Plus he kept holding his crotch! The horror.


  1. Beautiful! I love nature! Yes.. We willing to 'bare' with you for more story mory. Lol

    1. Have you been there?

      Awwwww.. ok ok I will mory more!

  2. Is that guy with you your special someone or creepy Indian guy?

  3. wah, wah. so jelly! i also want staycation wor.


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