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Have you heard Adele's soon to be latest single called When We Were Young? If you have not, you should. Surely it isn't as great as Hello but it is surely impressive as well and the lyrics is just meaningful.

Here's the video is you're not watched or listened to it.

Anyway, the week started of well until I had a certain news on Monday evening which really made me think twice on what I've been doing thus far. Is it worth it? Well, time will tell.

Lately I've been getting frustrated quite easily but I'm just trying to conceal it even though I do know the reasons.

Small matters are making me upset quite easily but I just push it away like a filled ashtray with cigarette dust.

People's attitude are getting to me easily but I just smile it off like a kid chewing on a blueberry flavoured chewing gum.

My health has been up and down with me getting sick easily but I know it's because I'm not caring for it well enough.

All I need is a hug so tight to keep me safe and sound easily but I can't always be asking as I cannot always be a taker.

At the end of the day I just wished for things to come to me easily but I know nothing is easy as it seems as we all have to strive for it.


  1. fuyohh!! not bad uh. quite diligent with the updates. GOOD JOB, BROTHER. i like! keep it up ah.

  2. Hugs Hugs Hugs
    I would love to hug you and even more than that ;-)


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