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Just needed to write it here

So I just needed to write it here. This use to be my space for me to pour my heart out and I still find solace doing it here compared to all the other platforms I have.

So what is it that I need to pour out? Well the usual. Work and life. Before that, happy Saturday folks!

I mean my life has been great now in certain ways. I have someone by my side who I can just turn to. I do hope it will last through all my thick and thin in life. Till my first wrinkle line (which I think I'm starting to develop) or till the age when God decides to take me away (being sentimental here). For that, I can say I've started a new page in my book. Always looking to the next day being together in many ways.

On to work matters, I guess if you have read my previous posts about work, it has really been a huge challenge for me in a new environment. Being here, it has been quite a mental challenge trying to go through it day by day. Of course everyone would say, its work, its normal, yes I agree but there's only so much one can handle. I've been trying not to complain much about it to my family or friends. What's the point of bothering them with such boredom which will only kill their brain cells right?

So, putting all work aside, lets update about the week, shall we?

Happy Halloween! Sorry for the late wishes. Anyways, everyday is Halloween for me. Isn't that fun? The rare updates on my blog (yet again) was due to me being quite busy lately juggling between work and life. As usual me being busy, as that's what I get from the people who know me. They would say to me, "Adrian when wanna meet? Adrian what you doing? Adrian what's your plan for today?" and when I don't reply to any of their questions listed above or I do and my answer is "Sorry I'm busy la I can't". The response that I get is "You're always busy". So yea. At times I am busy and it's not like I have a choice but there are times I just choose to say I'm busy because of three things. One is either I'm tired, I just don't have the mood to go out for various reasons which only I know OR I've got other plans in place. Do I sound selfish here? I like to eat fish though (ps - not anak ikan)

Anyway, back to the point of my post today. So I made my first Airbnb booking for a staycation in KL (Kuala Lumpur - if there's any international readers here...fuyohh). Yes, I've heard of Airbnb a long time ago but I've never done any booking before because normally it's not me who does it but my friends. So yea. Noob to Airbnb here. Holla! The process of booking was certainly fast however I didn't really like the app version of it. It was pretty laggy at times which made me feel like I should change my phone cause the app is too slow! (not sure if its just my phone - still an iPhone 5 user). But I guess it may be really my phone that lags but somehow the web version is more attractive to me.

So where did I choose to stay? I wasn't looking for a hotel room obviously otherwise I won't be on Airbnb but instead I was hunting for a comfy and lovely apartment or a condo for a night. After much searching, high and low for the right place, I finally found one. The place was called Summer Suites @ KLCC. Its a pretty new place which opened for occupancy roughly 3-4 months ago. You could still smell the concrete and breathe in the dust (not so extreme la).

The place had lots of facilities like gym, yoga area, swimming pool (which you could see the person's bottom half in the water), snooker room and much more. Here are a couple of pictures of the place. Pretty cosy I would say.

Owh before that, I stayed here during Halloween night. Lets just say it wasn't a freakish night but a wonderful night. *wink wink*. Don't judge me.

Open the door and this is what you will see at first sight. The bathroom is on the right side. Nothing great about it but you can squeeze two people in it (just sharing if you do intend to shower with another person).

That's the mini kitchen area and the entrance. The whole place is furnished with Ikea stuff so if you're an Ikea fan you'll love it. The couch is bit hard and not that comfy to sit let alone do anything on it (again, just sharing if you intend to have any couch activity going on here).

A comfy queen size bed. It was a bit hard but it was still good. The covering isn't from silk but it was still sufficient enough. Pretty solid and won't rock nor rumble (just sharing if you intend to go rough here). I actually spend hours like literally hours here without even moving or getting out.

Finally yours truly. How can you not take a selfie with such a big mirror! 

So how did I spend the night? Well it involved lots of lazing in bed and rolling in bed. I've never slept so long in bed like how I did that day. It was so so so so good! Not forgetting, I even had ice cream in bed. Just like in one of those love story movies.

Thanks to New Zealand Natural for sponsoring me! (I wished! - this is not a sponsored ad)

Wished I could just live that life everyday for the rest of my days. I shall strive for it soon! Or maybe now. Which ever comes first.

On another note, before the staycation, I attended a convocation on the same day to give some support to him. Although I only came after everything had ended, still felt happy that I did make it. I've only attended two convocations in my life; one was this and the other was my bestie who was from the same Uni as me. Gosh it has been like 5 years I think (my math sucks) since I've graduated and how much I miss those times in school. Doing crazy stuff and being all energetic and young (not that I'm old) during my years as a student. Campus life was the best experience I've ever had and I'll never change it for anything else. I guess it really made me grew up and become more independent in many ways being a student.

Couldn't resist and I had to wear the thingy on my head (forgotten what you call it). His robe was so freaking lite compared to mine previously. I still feel I should have brought a huge bouquet of flowers!

So that is my update for today. Will surely try, will try la ya, to update more. I've always got lots to share but putting it down here takes too much of brain juice to do so.

Till I story mory again.


  1. Nice write-up but I have a question. Why do you book a room via Airbnb? Aren't you staying in KL too? LOL... and man! That last pic was sexaayyyyy!!! :p

    1. Haha. It's a staycation. Plus it's nice to try out new places apart from hotels :)

      Thanks for the compliment. Haha

  2. Hey! Congratulations =] Write more story mory often okay!

  3. Good to know that you have some one besides you now. I'm very happy for you Adrian ;).

  4. Being a stalker.... Hehehehe that person will always be by your side.. As long as you want him by yours too.. Hugsssssss....


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