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The pain!

As if pain at work was not not enough, I'm currently down with food poisoning. This time it seem pretty bad as I've been having abdominal pains and cramps all day long for two days. I feel like a girl with her monthly cycle.

Visited the loo around 20 times within 48 hours. A new personal record for me that's for sure. 

Lucky on the 3rd day (which is today) it isn't that bad anymore as the doctor gave me like packets of saline stuff to consume and also yada yada capsules. 

But still having bloated tummy which i hate the most. It's as if I'm fat although I am a bit now. 

Need to get better sooner! Want to eat ice cream, drink coffee and have spicy food!

Hope tomorrow I'll be a-okay as I've got a talk to give which is for almost 2 hours and I've not gone through the deck yet. How awesome is that!

Ps - I feel grateful that I was taken care by someone when I was going through the torture of having all this tummy problem on my first day. Xoxo. Being the driver. That was cool yo! Haha


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