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Adele on X Factor 2015

Louisa Johnson has won the X Factor 2015! Wooohooooo! Been following X Factor since Leona Lewis won it and it never failed to thrill me. Some how the British version is still much more exciting compared to the US version.

This year I've been rooting for Louisa since day 1 of her audition. She's just a star. Superb voice! Plus she's only 17 years old man.

Love her performance on the finals of X Factor. Can't deny she truly deserves to win it.

Owh. Adele performed as well during the finals! That new hair just looks superb on her too.

Adele - Hello oleh stefa73it


  1. you and your x-factor!! :'D :'D i remember how you'd always watch it during lunchtime if you're having lunch in. heh. i'm still for the us x-factor, though.


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