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I guessed I've been good enough

It's December. Like literally December is here. I'm not dreaming but December is really here.

11 months has passed and so much has happen. Been reflecting back on what has come and gone, lets just say I've made many right and wrong decisions through that period. Do regret some of it? Yea I do but well, it is the past.

Till today sometimes I wonder are my decisions the right ones or wrong ones? How am I reacting to my surroundings? Am I careful enough? Sometimes I do think a lot and honestly its something which has been part of me for some time and I can't get rid of it. Over thinking is bad but well, I'm always cautious with and of everything. I don't want to go down the same path I've been before. I'm tired and kind of had enough of it. If there's something wrong, I'll just back-off this time and not move forward with it. But I'm sure my decisions thus far has been right.

This was one of my 2015 songs during those periods. So deep with meaning.

Anyway I'm hoping 2016 would be a greater year for me and for everyone else as well. So much to look forward to and expect. Crossing fingers all will go well.

When December comes, it means Christmas is here too! The malls all fully decorated, Christmas songs playing on the air waves at least through my ear piece.

The past couple of Christmas' has always been kind of the same. Not that I'm complaining. Haha. I'm still happy anyways.

For this year, I'm just going to keep my Christmas wish simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing fancy although if given the chance I would love for a Surface Pro 3 or maybe an iPhone 6s.

"Dear Santa I've been very good this year. Can I get what I wished for?"

If only Santa can hear me.

Actually all I want for Christmas this year is just time and love. I believe time and love is always the best wish one could ever ask for.

A gift which money can't buy is always the most expensive gift ever.

What is your wish for Christmas?


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