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Merry Christmas 2015

Have you been naughty or nice? Did you make it to Santa's nice list this year? What was your wish list for this year?

Merry Christmas folks!
Marina Bay Sands
This year has been one of the most meaningful Christmas I would say. Not on the actual day itself but on the Eve of Christmas going into Christmas day itself. Why was it meaningful? Well it was because I had all my love ones in one place celebrating it. It wasn't a huge affair but instead a small private one.

We had some awesome home cooked meal which consist of baked salmon, pan fried in butter beef nuggets, creamy mash potatoes and of course chocolaty Christmas log cake. Unfortunately all these wasn't prepared by me (how I wish it was) but instead I had a head chef to do it. I don't think I have to mention the name here but you know who you are and I'm pretty sure you're reading this as well. Thank you so much for being there and preparing those delicious meal.

Ps. - I don't have great photos of the meal but if you saw it your mouths would go gaga over it.

Anyway I was in Singapore over the weekend before Christmas for just a short vacation, 3 days to be precise. The trip was really fun and most of the time it was just walking. Seriously I've never walked so much since...... I'm not sure when till feet actually were aching. This was also the only trip which involves me almost missing my flight! I actually looked at the wrong time. I was actually just 15 minutes away from missing my flight. Next time, double check first or triple check!
Hello from the Swarovski Christmas tree on Orchard Road
As we all know, Singapore is famed for its Christmas decoration and stuff along the streets but this year it seems pretty much toned down. Was expecting a lot but nevertheless it still looks nice. Owh before I forget, seriously, the amount of humans at the malls there were just insane! The last time when I was in Singapore for a work trip and not a festive period, the crowd at the malls were still okay. This time, gosh I felt like some lost penguin in the mall!

But you know it's no wonder Singaporeans are considered rich folks. The food there is cheap and shopping there is like "buy it women buy it!". Comparing to here, everything is so expensive when you look at dollar for dollar. Was very tempted to shop there but I had to resist. So instead I just stuffed my face with food or just window shopping.

Visited a few places when I was there because I had a tour guide! *wink wink*. Here are some shots of our faces mainly. Enjoy.
Charlie Brown cafe. The chocolate crepe was yummy!
If I was a buff I'll look like this!
Universal Studios Singapore
See my legs.
Lets do a jump shot.
It was full house at Gardens by the Bay.
Had this mini pancakes with maple syrup at one of the stalls at Gardens by the Bay. It's so sinful not to mention there was an eye candy standing beside me too. hahaha!
One the famous 'tong sui' shops. Forgot the name though.
Strike a post at the stairs of a construction site.
The last time I stayed in Singapore was in the heart of China Town but this time is was at Nanson Road very near to Clark Quay. The place is called Studio M which is by the Millennium Group. Pretty fancy place with pool, gym and all the other stuff except there's no breakfast. The room is comfy and spacious since its split into two floors. Read more about it here.
View from the pool.
The upper floor.
The toilet.
The shower.
The bedroom
The lower floor.
So there you have it a short tour of the room. Overall it was a fun filled trip which I wished it would never end.
At night.
This was how we spend our last night. Eat in!
So there you have it! A super fast and short summary of my trip. Actually we did quite a lot of stuff while we were there but just going to cut it short. Too long you'll dread reading it.

It's Sunday today and tomorrow's Monday. Few more days 2016 will arrive. Any plans for New Year Eve? I haven't planned any. Honestly I just don't know what to do. Perhaps I will be just chilling at a cafe or in my room maybe? I don't know. Sometimes I rather not plan.
Let me take a selfie first.


  1. your boyfriend ah? haha

  2. no breakfast!? gasp. blasphemous! hehe. so happy you had yourself a memorable xmas. at least one of us did la hor...


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