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It's the new year! 2016

Happy New Year folks! 363 days till 1st January 2017. Did you know 2016 has 366 days because it's a leap year and February has 29 days this year?

Hope you guys are having a great start to the year with less drama and more love plus happiness. For me, 2016 did start off pretty well for sure.

So how did I celebrate my New Year? With my love of course *blushing like shit*. It was a pretty simple celebration just the two of us and that's how I love it as always. We had invites to clubs and parties but sometimes I rather have some quiet time alone together. Getting drunk and wasted? Nah not for me. See my mood la basically. So just decided to turn all those down.

Anyway back to my story, new year's eve we had yummy self prepared dinner then headed to Avenue K to catch some fireworks. We were actually 10 minutes away from midnight and we were just in time for the count down and fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, we could hardly see any because the construction site for Four Seaso…