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It's the new year! 2016

Happy New Year folks! 363 days till 1st January 2017. Did you know 2016 has 366 days because it's a leap year and February has 29 days this year?

Hope you guys are having a great start to the year with less drama and more love plus happiness. For me, 2016 did start off pretty well for sure.

So how did I celebrate my New Year? With my love of course *blushing like shit*. It was a pretty simple celebration just the two of us and that's how I love it as always. We had invites to clubs and parties but sometimes I rather have some quiet time alone together. Getting drunk and wasted? Nah not for me. See my mood la basically. So just decided to turn all those down.

Anyway back to my story, new year's eve we had yummy self prepared dinner then headed to Avenue K to catch some fireworks. We were actually 10 minutes away from midnight and we were just in time for the count down and fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, we could hardly see any because the construction site for Four Seasons just blocked everything out. Hahaha.

So by right this should be written on the 31st December 2015 but well, we don't always have to follow the norm. We shouldn't be the norm but instead of out of the norm.

Looking back in 2015, it was quite an interesting year for me. From work to relationship, but I got not much to share. I guess it's not news worthy in a way? But lets do some key flash back moments for 2015:

  • Was given a promotion in January.
  • I lost one of my best friend in March.
  • Decided to tender from my then job in April.
  • Join my current company in June.
  • Ended my fourth relationship in August.
  • Met my new match for the first time in October.
  • First time celebrating Christmas with my family and my other half.
  • Have not traveled overseas for 11 months.
There you have it. My 2015 recap. I had lots of memorable moments. Some of which changed many sides of me.

Through out the year, I've grown a lot and became a much more matured person. I've learned a lot as well especially from the people at work to my personal life and everything can just change in a blink of an eye.

The most unforgettable moment in 2015 for me was when I lost one of my best friend due to lung infection. I still can't get over the fact that he is no longer here and I do know he is in a better place now. I've learned to never take things for granted especially the people around you. Honestly deep down in me I really do miss him. From our crazy expeditions to late night supper around town. My prayers are always with you. My dear Friend.

2015 behind me, I'm definitely looking forward to a much more exciting and fruitful year in 2016. Although according to my Zodiac it's going to be a tough year for me, but I believe there's always a reason behind all those and somehow I'll be able to come out of it.

I've got so much planned out for 2016 from holiday trips to my personal life (with the other half). Work life I'm also looking at potentially new horizons across the sea. I guess its time. 

Again like other years, I've stopped making yearly resolutions as I've never been able to stick to them. Anyway its back to work tomorrow and I just don't want.


  1. You guys make such a cute couple. I'm so jealous :-/

  2. eh, thanks for the leap year update. seriously. lol. forgot it even was. I MISS YOUUUU X


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