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Happy Birthday Adrian :)

Happy birthday Adrian :)

Who's Adrian? That's me. Hello. (from the other side).

I cannot believe another year has past and I am another year older (plus wiser). You must be wondering what is my age right? Well let me tell you. My age is....why don't you find it out yourself? If you get it right we shall have coffee. Deal or no deal? Haha. I love coffee and cakes so, why not treat me to it?

Anyway, I have not been updating my blog on a regular basis since January although I actually have a few pending drafts to be completed. Oh just to share, that day I was at Borders, The Gardens Mall reading a magazine and suddenly I realise there was an article which wrote exactly the same thing I had in my blog draft. I should have posted it up sooner and people won't say that I'm a copy cat if I post it later. Haha. Just ignore what I just wrote.

So back to my actually story, yesterday was my birthday. Yes my birthday. Not anyone else. Damn selfish right? Haha.

Adding another year to my age is certainly painful. Why? Because it makes you feel older and older yearly. But somehow I don't feel my age at the moment. Feeling young as always. Not sure if I'm looking young or not. What say you?

So everyone has been asking me from yesterday morning till today how did I celebrate my birthday. Was it with drinks and luxurious celebration? My answer was, no. I guess as you grow older, you tend to just not need any of those for me that's it personally. But how did I celebrate it? Well I just had lunch with my fellow colleagues and dinner with a special someone accompanied by coffee and a slice of cake.

Owh before I forget. I've finally permed my hair and coloured it. What do you think?

Ps. I was born on the 4th of February 1988.


  1. Happy belated birthday and many more return of the day Ad, sorry for the late wish. Wish you have a blessing year ahead and all the best with your other half ;)


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