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Happy Chinese New Year! I know I know I’m a little late in wishing, but hey, isn’t Chinese New Year for 15 days?

So how has your New Year celebration been? Are you still visiting friends and family? Well for me I didn’t exactly do any visitation this year and the year before or even the year before. Yea, not a very festive person am I. But if you asked me out during this occasions, I’ll gladly oblige. Haha.

This year Chinese New Year has been a little quiet, generally I would say and year after year, my reunion dinner seems to be getting more intimate because my cousins, the girls to be precise are all getting married while the guys, not sure why la taking so long. Lol.

Year after year I’m always faced with this question. “Adrian where’s your girlfriend?”. My answer was very simple, “I don’t know”. There! 
Speaking of girlfriend, it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. So, how did you celebrate it? Please don’t give me the #foreveralone thingy. That was so yesterday (I meant like last year or the year before).  Well for me, it was special that’s all I can say. Stay tune for my next post where I shall share more. *wink wink*

Anyway back to my CNY topic, I always tend to stray off course. Haha. This year on the 1st day of Chinese New Year I decided to meet up with two awesome people whom I’ve gotten to know in my year and months at my previous company.

Here they are. Meet Lance and Denise (aka my office wife)

All of us are no more in that company but instead we have all moved on to do something more fun and us being young bloods, we crave for adventure (I think). So we’re all pretty much busy with our new stuff and all. Having said that, being busy and stuff, it gets extremely hard for us to meet up. Few times we’ve planned for a quick yam cha session however it always fails.

So since it was CNY, we decided to take the opportunity to catch and so happen all three of us were in town (KLite got no life one) as our kampung were here.

The good thing about CNY is, the roads are all so freaking clear! Because it was CNY, we decided to hang out at some place cooler la and with some style. So we ended up at Hard Rock CafĂ© in KL. I know you must be guessing, “Walao so rich lor you guys”. Actually it’s not because we’re rich, but it’s because we’ve not been here for so so so long plus the weather was so freaking hot! Like seriously, the MET department said it was going to rain but ended up it was so @#$%& hot. Anyway, with such hot weather, what better way to chill and chit chat other than a nice chilled bottle of beer.

Well my dad always say, beer is best to be drunk during a hot sunny day and to make it even better, you must be accompanied by your companions.

And my dad was right. Hahaha. Like for real! The minute we sat down, all three of us actually ordered ourselves some Chang beer to sooth the soul. You must be asking why Chang right? Well they have a unique brew which somehow is very pleasing to the palate. Not to mention the texture is very smooth too.

It has been some time since I’ve had a nice cold beer (how I wish I was in Krabi now) like this. The first time I had my first taste of Chang beer was when I did my first solo travel trip to Bangkok in 2011. It was also my first time to that city and everywhere I turned I only saw Chang beer. I couldn’t resist and I had to taste it. The smooth texture and unique fresh taste of the brew has certainly remained the same till today. But there was one thing I notice that changed about the beer. The BOTTLE! It looks so cool and stylo plus very attractive too *wink wink*.

It looks totally different compared to the old brown bottle. Even when the waiter brought us the beer, I actually had to double confirm with them saying that I order Chang not another beer and they said it was. I wasn’t aware it was actually the beer that I ordered until they placed the bottle on the table. Hahaha. It just looks very refreshing with the green colour.

Anyway, back to my story, after getting cosy with some nice cold beers in our hands, we spend almost 3 hours just sitting and talking like there’s no tomorrow from sunlight till there was none. Throughout the whole time, we were actually laughing like we owned the place and even the mat sallehs there just stared at us like we were some lunatics.

It was just great being able to catch up with each other. With our new jobs, life has certainly been on the fast pace and sometimes we all just need to kick back and relax like what we did.

Anyone can have friends but it takes time and effort to brew an every lasting friendship. #ChangBeer


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