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Don't read if you're below 21


So I was told to keep my schedule free sometime during my birthday week (which was like weeks ago from this post). So I did keep my time free by ensuring I’ve included it in my Google Calendar. Yes now I’ve been inputting my daily stuff in my calendar to ensure I don’t forget anything important basically. But its so much easier said than done. But somehow I still tend to forget stuff.

Anyway skipping it all, we arrived at Nu Sentral and I was requested to blindfold myself. Just imagine in a public area and everyone was staring at me?! A dude in a blindfold in a public space. Embarrassing much? Yes! But I went ahead with so. The so called blindfold actually looked liked it was borrowed from Christian Grey’s “bedroom” collection.

While walking blindfolded, I’m pretty sure everyone was staring and even the guard asked if I was okay. Honestly it was the longest 10 minutes of my life to the venue. Finally I was at the location. I just couldn’t wait to remove my blindfold.

The second it was removed, to my surprise two of my cherished friends were there with a cake and balloons! At that time I was just speechless and couldn’t say much. It was such a pleasant surprise! Also I felt like one of those lifestyle bloggers. You know with balloons and at a fancy place. Lol.

Meet Mel and Azhan.

Thanks a lot guys for celebrating my 21st birthday!

We had our dinner at Vasco's Hilton Kuala Lumpur after which we headed off to Cosans in Bangsar for coffee. Perfect way to end a day.

Also not forgetting thank you to the person who put all this together. Love it!

On another note,  dinner at Vasco's, Hilton Kuala Lumpur was great. The place had a lovely ambience however the service and certain menu was just not worth a shout out. Seriously, the soup that we ordered that day which was mushroom and some others, was just extremely salty. I've not had a salty soup like that before for some time. Aside from that, the service at the restaurant was also kind of sad like for real. The waiter who was serving that day (won't mention name) was just so blur and I'm pretty sure he's new there. I don't exactly blame him but I do blame the management for not training him well enough before actually putting him to the job. How can you let a staff go on duty when they aren't fully trained? I believe Hilton KL being a 5 star hotel should have a certain standard and this is not working well for them. But one thing I can compliment them is the free cake that I got which pretty good and I would recommend it to many.

Here's the cake.


  1. Hola! Happy birthday and I recently saw you two at the gym doing coordinated face-to-face star jumps. Damn cute hahahaha :3

    1. Thanks! You did? Which was you and which gym? Haha Say hi next time le

    2. Thanks! You did? Which was you and which gym? Haha Say hi next time le

    3. he shy one la.... lol right Jboy? lol

    4. Yeah I wouldn't know what to say and I generally avoid awkward social situations hahahaha :P

  2. awwww! it was truly an honour. and you are a lifestyle blogger whatttt. more ootd's PLS!

  3. We need more updates from you!!!!


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