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Great Eastern Viper Arena 2016

7km and 15 obstacles. Managed to complete it all.

Joined the Great Eastern Viper Arena 2016 on Saturday (26 March) and all I can say is, I need to build back my stamina like crazy! This is my second Viper experience and comparing with my first, I struggled a lot. My first experience I had no problem with the obstacles and running but yesterday's was challenging. I couldn't run long and i tend to get tired easily.

Also perhaps I wasn't feeling that well as I woke up in the morning with a freaking bad cold which is still on-going till now. Damn I hate flu.

Planning to join the 2nd and 3rd edition this year. Hope I'll be able to be prepared by that time.
So some thoughts about Viper Arena. It was a very clean challenge meaning no dirt or mud in your face which is not as fun. However one thing that pissed me off was the wait for each obstacle. There was this particular obstacle where you'll need to walk across a plank and climb up some walls, to get through it, I had to wait 30 minutes before I was able to even step on the plank! By the time it was my turn, my muscle have already cooled down.

Other than that, the crowd was almost crazy. I guess the craze for Malaysians are this sort of run and not just pure marathon. But there is still a lack of sportsmanship among the folks who join. There see you struggling and they'll just leave you. Not all of them are like that. Perhaps a handful which caught my eyes.

Just some random thought, I think I'm growing fatter as well and that's slowing me down. Haha.